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The Best Biryani In Karachi in 2024

Biryani is not a food; it is an emotion, and when it comes to Karachi biryani, nothing can beat it. Even Lahori pulao fails in front of Karachi biryani. The people of Karachiites love to eat biryani. Whether, It is chicken biryani, beef biryani, mutton biryani, Nalli biryani, or aloo biryani. Karachi is the heart of Pakistan, and biryani is the heart of Karachiites. There are many famous biryani centers in Karachi. From day to night, they serve the best biryani in Karachi. The perfect biryani is not cooked with ingredients only; It takes love, skills, original spices, and an expert chef to make a mouth-watering finger-licking biryani. Biryani is supposed to be eaten hot with mint raita and salad to experience the best taste.

List of 10 Best Biryani in Karachi

1. Al- Rehman biryani
2. Farhan Biryani
3. The White Biryani
4. Student Biryani
5. Allah Wala Biryani
6. Ghousia Nalli Biryani
7. Madni Biryani
8. Mirchi 360 Degrees
9. Darbar
10. Biryani Of The Seas

1. Al- Rehman biryani

Al- Rehman Biryani Centre is the best biryani spot in Karachi. It serves perfect biryani with good service. Al-Rehman Biryani is known for its delicious biryani at affordable prices. It is located at a prime spot with a comfortable ambiance. Al-Rehman Biryani Centre’s menu includes Chicken Biryani, Zarda, kheer, and side dishes. Dine-in, Takeaway, and delivery services are also available.

al rehman biryani

Location: Al Rehman Biryani, Hajra Manzil، Gk-7/73، Nakhuda St, Kharadar Karachi, 74000
Contact: 03147737726
Timing: 10:30 AM- 1 AM
Famous biryani: Chicken Biryani
Price range: PKR 200 – PKR 400

2. Farhan Biryani

Farhan Biryani offers flavourful, tasty chicken biryani. Everyone loves it. Many YouTubers and bloggers have positively reviewed this biryani center. It has all service options available.It has only chicken biryani with starters and drinks on its menu. You can enjoy this biryani when served hot. The beauty of this biryani is irresistible. The staff and servers are very polite. The environment is average.

farhan biryani

Location: Plot No D 56 block#12 Gulistan e johar, Pehlwan Goth Road، Branch 1, Karachi, 75290
Contact: 0323 2247226
Timing: 11:30 AM- 12:30 AM
Famous biryani: Chicken Biryani|
Price range: PKR 100 – PKR 500

3. The White Biryani

The White Biryani is a beautiful restaurant in DHA Phase 6 Karachi. It is famous for its unique white biryani with different seasonings. The white biryani restaurant is an elite place to dine with family or friends. The menu includes Shami kebab, chicken biryani, beef biryani, Gulab jamun, and cold drinks with side dishes. The restaurant offers various deals, such as single or double servings.

white biryani

Location: 22c Lane 2, DH.A Phase 6 Rahat Commercial Area Phase 6 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Sindh 75500
Timing: 12 PM- 10 PM
Famous biryani: Chickhen biryani and beef biryani
Price range : PKR 300 – PKR 1500

4. Student Biryani

It is one of the famous biryani spots for everyone, especially for students, due to its location. This restaurant has branches in many countries now. Its ambiance is perfect for friends’ gatherings. It is a low-key restaurant with supreme qualities. This restaurant became famous due to its taste. Its menu includes Biryani, Pulao, Fried items, burgers, curries, BBQ and seasonal fish. Student biryani offers various deals like a party pack, bucket of happiness family pack, and many more. It also has outlets in different areas of Karachi. 

student biryani in karachi

Location:  V27J+RGC, Van St, Empress Market Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75600
Contact: (021) 111 111 778
Timing: 12 AM – 11 AM
Famous biryani: Chicken Biryani
Price range: PKR 500-PKR 2500

5. Allah Wala Biryani

Allah Wala Biryani is one of the famous biryani centers that has been serving for many years. The biryani has an exquisite taste with various spices, making it delicious this biryani has an authentic taste with a pretty presentable sight. The menu includes chicken biryani, Sada biryani, beef biryani, beef haleem, beef qorma, chicken karahi and daal, cold drinks, raita, and salad. It offers various biryani deals to serve you the best.

allah wali biryani

Location: Noor Masjid Rd, PECHS Block 2 Commercial area Block 2 PECHS, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75400
Contact: 0311 1111292
Timing: 12 AM- 10 AM
Famous biryani: Beef Biryani
Price range: PKR 500 – PKR 2000

6. Ghousia Nalli Biryani

Ghousia Nalli Biryani is one of the most visited biryani centers in Karachi. It has compact, managed indoor sitting space with good parking. The restaurant is kid-friendly with free wifi. The menu has Beef biryani, White zarda, Nalli biryani, Kheer, Nalli Badami qorma, Nalli Paya, Nalli qeema, naan, and side dishes. All are tempting in taste. If you live in Karachi, you must know its scrumptious taste and quality service. 

ghousia nalli biryani

Location: 2/240, Liaqatabad Commerical Area, Main Sarafa bazaar, Block 6 Liaquatabad Town, Karachi, 74600
Contact: 0300 2106954
Timing: 12 PM – 10 PM
Famous biryani: Spicy Nalli Biryani 
Price range: PKR 500 -PKR 3000

7. Madni Biryani

 All biryani lovers must know this place. It offers the spiciest chicken and beef biryani in town. This place decides to deliver both to end the fight over biryani and pulao. Madni biryani buffer zone is a perfect place to ease your appetite. Its menu has chicken biryani, beef biryani, and sweet kheer for you. It also has a comfortable sitting space to enjoy hot beef biryani at affordable rates. 

madni biryani in karachi

Location: R-31, Sector 15-A/5 Sector 15 A 5 Buffer Zone, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh
Contact: (021) 36973131
Timing: 12 PM-11 PM
Famous biryani: Spicy Chicken Biryani
Price range: PKR 300- PKR 1500

8. Mirchi 360 Degrees

 It is one of the favorite restaurants in Karachi. They have a few other branches in Nawabshah, Islamabad, and Hyderabad. The dining contains both indoor and outdoor setups. They serve a biryani with a unique presentation in Handi/Matka. The restaurant is always full of appealing aromas and a pleasing ambiance. The menu contains tandoori, curries, Italian, Chinese, and many more it is primarily known for its royal Sindhi biryani, Chilman biryani, Nawabi biryani, and special Hyderabadi biryani. All biryani is presented with succulent beef chunks and chopped onions.

mirchi 360  Biryani In Karachi


Location:  R27X+FMM, Stadium Lane 3, Phase V Stadium Commercial Area Defence V Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75500
Contact: 021 35248805
Timing: 24 hours
Famous biryani: Nawabi Handi Biryani
Price range: PKR 500 – PKR 3000

9. Darbar

Darbar is a restaurant serving delicious biryani and haleem in Karachi. It has a friendly sitting area to kill your hunger darbar with various cuisines and expert chefs. From managing staff to services, everything is perfect. The menu includes chicken biryani, beef pulao, chicken haleem fast food, and Chinese. It also has desserts and beverages on its menu.

the best Best Biryani In Karachi

Location: Latif Plaza, A-1، near Disco Bakery, Block 6 Karachi
Contact: (021) 34810465
Timing: 11 AM – 2 AM
Famous biryani: Chicken Biryani
Price range: PKR 300 – PKR 2000

10. Biryani Of The Seas

It is one of the best restaurants in Clifton Karachi, serving all types of desi, Italian, Chinese traditional, and cultural seafood. Biryani of Seas has an excellent dining setup for family gatherings and friend hangouts. The menu includes Prawn biryani, Dhaka fish finger, Fish breast BBQfish, and Crab. Along with this, it also has curries and karahi on its menu. They have various deals for families. 

biryani of seas

Location: R2QM+2JF, Block 8 Frere Town, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75600
Contact: 03219204942
Timing: 10:30AM – 1:30 AM
Famous biryani: Prawn Biryani
Price range: PKR 1000 – PKR 5000


No one can resist biryani. It is a food-feeding soul. Colour, taste, spices, and presentation matter when it comes to the biryani. Karachi has the best biryani to offer you. A plate of spicy biryani with raita and tiki is all you need to smile with satisfaction.

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Written  by Urooj Fatima