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The Best Breakfast in Lahore in 2024

“Good food equals good mood” is entirely grounded in Lahore. As it is known, Lahore is famous for its delicious food, especially regarding breakfast; Lahore takes the win overall. Lahore presents an extensive variety of foods for breakfast.Therefore when it comes to, What’s for breakfast? Here you have a list of the finest places to eat a bite in Lahore every morning. Enjoying the best breakfast in Lahore can perk up your day.

Top 10 Elite Breakfast Places In Lahore

1.Sadiq Halwa Puri
2.Chaaye Khana
3.English Tea House
4.The Brasserie
7.Thanda Garam
8.Capri Restaurant
9.Jade Cafe
10.Lahori Chatkhara

1.Sadiq Halwa Puri

Nothing can beat the craving for desi halwa puri breakfast, and that’s precisely where Sadiq Halwa Puri serves you best with their delicious sweet halwa and softest puri. It has a variety of items like mutton tikka and special zafrani dry fruit halwa. Sadiq Halwa Puri offers pleasant taste at a reasonable price.

sadiq halwa puri

Location: Ferozepur road, In Front of Shama Metro Stations Ichra
Lahore,54610 Pakistan.
Contact: 0323-3333169
Timings: 4:00 AM-12:30 PM
Famous Food: Desi Ghee Puri and Katlamas
Price Ranges: PKR 300-PKR 2000/-

2.Chaaye Khana

Chaaye Khana is one of the excellent restaurants in Lahore for breakfast. It has a range of seventy-plus tea blends from all over the world, making it worth visiting. Alongside it contains an array of omelettes and toasts to taste.

Location: 94 MM Alam Road Pearl 1, Block B1 Gulberg 3, Lahore Pakistan
Contact: 042-35778284
Timings: 8:00AM-12:00AM
Famous food: Special Gur Wali Chai and Daal Paratha
Price Range: PKR 500-PKR 3000/

3.English Tea House

Cracking your day with ultimately tasty tea is beyond happiness, and that’s the definite job of an English Tea House. Its menu holds all kinds of healthy and light morning meals, including Caesar Salad, Eggs Florentine and English Muffins.This tea house has two other branches in Lahore, serving the best environment and tempting food.

english tea house lahore

Gulberg Branch: 24K Gulberg 2 Lahore
DHA branch: 68Z DHA Lahore
Contact: 031-11122101
Timings: 8:00AM-12:00AM
Famous Food: Fruit Cups and Pancakes
Price Ranges: PKR 500-PKR 1500/-

4.The Brasserie

The Brasserie’s signature presentative food keeps it at the top. Its menu includes yummy starters, mouth-watering seafood, baked cheese potatoes and exquisite cuisines. The Brasserie provides various pocket-friendly deals such as Hi tea Buffet. Great view with a sky-high aura.

the brasserie Lahore


Location: 94D1, Mall,1 Main Blvd Gulberg, Block D1 Gulberg 3, Lahore
Contact: 041-35790051
Timings: 12:PM-12:AM
Famous Food: Lattes and Thali
Price Ranges: PKR 1000-PKR 4000/-

5. Wasabi

Wassabi is one of the attractive restaurants. It covers Japanese, Chinese, Asian, and Thai dishes. It’s an all-rounder restaurant that gives out according to your taste. Breakfast at Wasabi is a perfect treat for the family.

Location: MM Alam Road 98(A) Block B1 Gulberg 3,54660 Lahore
Timings: 7:00Am-12:00Am
Famous Food: Croissants and Sushi Platters
Price Ranges: PKR 500- PKR 5000

6. Eggspectations

A perfect meeting spot for a crunchy morning breakfast is Eggspectations. It has many tempting egg dishes with creamy coffees. Eggspectation is a little costly but worth it. The restaurant’s delicacy makes it more catchy.

eggspectation restaurant

Location: 57 Main Boulevard, Gulberg 3, 54000 Lahore
Contact: 030-01114919
Timings: 8:00 AM – 11:45 PM
Famous Food: French Toast and BBQ Chicken Burger
Price Ranges: PKR 1000 – PKR 5000/-

7. Thanda Garam

Thanda Garam is a cozy bistro. Just like its name, it delivers the best hot and cold drinks with heavenly healthy eatery options. Thanda Garam really looks after its clients by mentioning calories in the menu card. Its freshly squeezed juices and hot brewed tea make it stand out.

thanda garam

Location: Shop 8, Street 17, Sector Y DHA Phase 3, Lahore
Contact: 030-18476457
Timings: 10:AM-12:AM
Famous Food: Pink Smoothie and Stack Bowl
Price Ranges: PKR 500-PKR 4000/-

8. Capri Restaurant

Having a curry for breakfast is a thing of beauty, and that’s what Capri restaurant serves. It never compromises its quality or quantity; it is very light on the wallet. The restaurant’s menu contains all desi food choices like tawa paratha, Qeema naan, payee, and much more. It delivers the best
breakfast in Lahore.

capri restaurant

Location: 34 Liberty Market Gulberg 3, Lahore
Contact: 042-35758750
Timings: 6:AM – 12:AM
Famous Food: Murgh Cholay and Hareesa
Price Ranges: PKR 300- PKR 3000/-

9. Jade Cafe

Jade Cafe is famous for its prime location and unique dining set-up. It recommends traditional and english dishes with proper hygiene and quick service. It is always full of classical aromas, perfect for friend gatherings.

jade cafe


Location: 16C MM Alam Road, Block C2, Gulberg 3, Lahore
Contact: 033-77774533
Timings: 8:00AM-12:00AM
Famous Food: Nutella French Toast and Shakshuka
Price Ranges: PKR 1000 – PKR 5000/-

10. Lahore Chatkhara

lahore chatkharaIt is a famous weekend breakfast spot for spicy food and naan lovers.Lahore Chatkhara sets out excellent tasty naans and desi foods like keema and nihari. A good place to hang out with family for a great spiced-up breakfast.


Location: Mini Market Roundabout 167P Gulberg 2, College Road, Lahore
Contact: 042-35872090
Timings: 11:30AM-12:Am
Famous Food: Warqi naan and Lahore Kulcha
Price Ranges: PKR 500-PKR 5000/-


Lahore is full of desi, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Thai foods. It has a variety of choices with perfect taste. The best breakfast in Lahore with pocket-friendly deals is available for everyone. The most delectable luxury food with supreme ambiance only fits in Lahore. As we know, all happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. Here is the list of top Breakfast Restaurants in Karachi.