Best Hi Tea in Lahore

Best Hi Tea in Lahore in 2024

Here you can Experience the best hi tea in Lahore! Enjoy an awesome range of sweets and appetizers along with a range of teas. It’s the perfect combination of tastes for a delightful afternoon treat.


List of 10 Hi Tea in Lahore for 2024

  1. The Monal
  2. Spice Bazaar
  3. Mandarin Kitchen 
  4. Tenerife Café
  5.  Bundu Khan
  6. Junoon Restaurant
  7.  English Tea House
  8. Freddy’s Cafe 
  9. Tuscany Courtyard
  10.  La Atrium

1. The Monal

The Monal Group of Companies was established in Lahore back in the early 2000s and the founder is Luqman Ali Afzal. This restaurant serves you the best hi tea buffet in Lahore. You can Enjoy this hi-tea satisfaction from The Monal to uplift your afternoons! At their hi tea buffet, they serve a wide range of food choices, like soups, starters, pizzas and pasta, fried, bbq, traditional food, Thai and Chinese desserts, and many more in just 2135/+tax. we can say that it is the best hi tea in Lahore.

Monal Hi tea Lahore

2. Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar is heaven for spice lovers. A delicious variety of Pakistani, Chinese, and Continental foods are available in their hi-tea buffet, this restaurant was established in 2010 it was the first to enter the culinary market of Lahore with Yum Chinese and Thai Restaurants. They serve various varieties of food in their hi tea buffet like chicken kabab, chicken boti, daleem, fried finger fish, beef lasagne, chicken rice and gravy, alfredo pasta, pizza last but not least in Sweet Corner they provide you gulaab jamun, jalebi, sheer khorma, and many more and their hi tea price is 2095/+tax.

spice bazaar in lahore

3. Mandarin Kitchen

One of the most well-known Chinese restaurants in Lahore is Mandarin Kitchen. It provides foodies with a wide choice of Chinese and Thai dishes. On weekends, the restaurant also serves hi-tea from 4 to 6 p.m. Chinese and Pakistani food make the ideal match at the hi-tea buffet. It has over 30 dishes including Chinese and Thai, desserts, snacks, and much more.

Mandarin Kitchen hi tea lahore

4. Tenerife Café:

The famous Tenerife Café, which owns the well-known place of Jail Road, comes in #1 on our list. In addition to its wide buffet menu, the restaurant is well-known for its unique hi-tea plate that is served all day.
Priced at around Rs.1395, it is also one of the hi tea in Lahore under 1500. And the platter is perfect for two people. A variety of salty and sweet foods, including fried fish, sandwiches, tiny burgers, pizza slices, and delicious chicken wings, are included on the platter. Pastries, chocolate mousse, and Oreo mousse are among the treats on the platter.

tenerife cafe best in lahore

5. Bundu Khan:

Bundu Khan has established itself as the finest hi-tea destination not only in Lahore but also across Pakistan They have captured the hearts of all foodies with their tasty and refined culinary offerings. They have one of the best hi tea in Lahore. Their diverse menu features a blend of traditional dishes, ranging from fresh salads to BBQ delights to delectable desserts. The renowned hi-tea at Bundu Khan includes a delightful array of main courses and refreshing beverages, making it a favorite choice among diners in Lahore.

bundu khan lahore

6. Junoon Restaurant:

Lahore’s Junoon Restaurant offers a great dining experience in a beautiful ambiance. The restaurant’s ambiance is a pleasing fusion of chic modern style and classic charm. Junoon does not disappoint when it comes to hi-tea. Their hi-tea collection is exquisite, with a broad selection of delicacies to satisfy every taste bud. Junoon’s hi-tea spread is a genuine feast for foodies, from savory treats like sandwiches, pastries, and kebabs to a tempting variety of sweet desserts.

junoon restaurant is providing hi tea in lahore

7. English Tea House:

Embrace the charm of British tradition at the English Tea House. The first location of the English Tea House opens its doors in Gulberg Lahore.
And the owner of this restaurant is Imran Maqsood. Cozy dining options offer one to experience the feelings of the traditional aesthetic. They provide dinner, cream tea, breakfast, lunch, and time for dinner, with a cup of coffee and your favorite delicious dessert. The cafe offers an amazing, warm, and filled aura because of its significant location. It’s a terrific place to visit with your family and friends in a cozy setting.

best hi tea in lahore

8. Freddy’s Cafe

Freddy’s Café exudes a charming retro décor, complemented by a delightful outdoor setup, creating a cozy and pleasant ambiance for visitors. Situated on MM Alam Road, it’s a top choice for families with kids. It offers a remarkable tea-time buffet with a wide array of delectable options, from salads and sandwiches to burgers, desserts, and more. Children under three also eat for free, while those under ten receive a twenty-five percent discount.

freddys cafe in lahore

9. Tuscany Courtyard:

More than 35 dishes, including soup, salads, cold mezze, main meal, desserts, and chaat corner, are available on the famous Tuscany Courtyard hi-tea menu, which is served on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They are ideal for hanging out with friends in a pleasant atmosphere because they offer umbrella-covered indoor and outdoor places.

tuscany courtyard hi tea

10. La Atrium

The menu of LA Atrium offers a wide range of foods, including seafood, spaghetti, pizza, pakoras, samosas, gol gappay, and Chinese specialties in addition to soups, salads, BBQs, and other options. The dessert selection is equally impressive, featuring a wide array of both traditional desi sweets and international treats.
Besides the delectable food, LA Atrium’s ambiance adds to the overall charm of the place. Its trendy yet friendly interior design creates a warm and soothing ambiance for diners to enjoy with friends, family, or coworkers.

la atrium best hi tea

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