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The Best 5 Star Hotels in Lahore in 2024

Lahore is one of the parts of the historical places in the past times of emperors. People visit places throughout the country to see the architecture of the Mughal era in the 15th to 16th centuries. Choosing the best hotel for your visit might be confusing. A vast range of Hotels in Lahore. Here are some of the suitable hotels for you to stay.

1. Luxus Grand

The Luxus Grand Hotel is located at a distance of around 15 kilometres from the airport. The Hotel facilities with the free private parking space, Wi-Fi, a swimming pool and restaurants with multiple cuisines. The rooms are tastefully decorated with lovely furniture. Each room has a TV screen and a sofa for comfortable sitting. There will be a point with a kettle to make coffee and tea with all the necessary ingredients. A basket of fruits and some water bottles will also be complimentary. The bathrooms have all the necessary things, extra slippers and bathrobes. The windows are equipped in a way to make the room packed with low outer noises for a comfortable sleep.

hotels in lahore


2. Ambiance Boutique Art

The Ambiance Boutique Art Hotel is located at a distance of about 27 kilometres from the Wagah Border. If you’re travelling, Ambiance Boutique Art Hotel is one of the suitable hotels in Lahore. It seems to be in the middle of the city, and you can quickly move into the city from the hotel. This 5-star hotel facilitates a spacious lounge for the guests sitting, restaurants, Wi-Fi, parking space and storage space for luggage. You’ll see a 24 hours front desk officer at the reception. The rooms will have a cupboard, fridge, TV screen and a private bathroom with the essential amenities. The visitors are provided with a free breakfast.

Ambiance Boutique Art Hotel


3. Ramada by Wyndham Lahore

The Ramada by Wyndham Hotel is located near vogue Towers and Pace Shopping mall and is 2.3 kilometers from the Gaddafi Stadium.

The hotel accommodates the guests with many in-house facilities such as restaurants, a fitness centre and a spa centre. There is a complimentary continental breakfast that is served to the guests. The rooms feature adjoining closets AND bathroom. People had a good experience in the hotel, especially couples.

Ramada by Wyndham Lahore Gulberg II


4.Royaute Luxury Suites and Hotel

The Royaute Luxury Suites and Hotel offers 24-hour front desk support. The hotel is nearby the culturally-rich Liberty Market and the M.M. Alam road. The rooms have a balcony facing the road, giving a luxurious ambience feel. Parking, a jacuzzi, unlimited Wifi, and air conditioning are all available to you.. The room has a wardrobe, TV Flat-screen and a sofa for comfortable sitting. The bathroom essentials include bathrobes, towels, and a Hairdryer are included in the room package.

Royaute Luxury Suites and Hotel Gulberg Lahore


5. Hotel Nova

The Hotel Nova is one of the famous hotels in Lahore.It is situated in the Johar town district, which is the city’s geographic centre. Moving out from the hotel to the city is easier. It’s nearby the commercial area and the Emporium mall. The hotel provides free Wi-Fi and 24-hours support by the front desk officer. The hotel is suitable for small families with pocket-friendly charges. The rooms have all the essentials for the guests such as a fridge, TV screen, kettle to make tea coffee, wardrobe, Hairdryer, towels bathrobe with slippers. They also serve breakfast as a complimentary for the guests.

Hotel Nova



6. Best Western Premier Hotel Gulberg

The Best Western Premier Hotel is located near the Gaddafi Stadium at a distance of 2.5 kilometers. They offer pickup services. You can call them to hire a car for pickup from any city corner. They provide currency exchange services as well for the guests. Besides that, you get free parking space, free Wi-Fi and luggage storage with 24 hours of front desk support! People had great experiences in a hotel, especially for breakfast. They serve multiple types of breakfast in the buffet.

Best Western Premier Hotel Gulberg Lahore


7. Nine Tree Luxury Hotel & Suites

The Nine Tree Luxury Hotel & Suites is located in Gulberg. It’s nearby the Gaddafi Stadium at a distance of about 2 kilometers. They offer airport pickup services, free parking space, 24 hours support at the front desk, Wi-Fi and a restaurant with multiple kinds of dishes.

The room package includes the air-conditioned room, table and chair, a minibar, TV screen and bathroom with all the essentials like towels, bathrobe and body grooming. The complimentary breakfast is also included in the package.

Nine Tree Luxury Hotel & Suites Lahore


8. The Nishat Hotel Johar Town

The Nishat Hotel is located in the Johar town district. It is famous for its spacious banquet halls and the in-house restaurant. If you’re having a party or a function with a significant number of people, this can be a good option for the stay for them and the event. The hotel offers well decorated rooms with air conditioning, a private bathrooms, and all the necessities.. The rooms have TV screens and sofas for sitting to relax.

The Nishat Hotel Johar Town


9. Park Lane Hotel

The Park Lane Hotel is just nearby the Wagah Border. For those who must be present in such vicinity, it is preferable.. The hotel offers many facilities, including a swimming pool and indoor games. The room package includes the air-conditioned room, attached bathroom slippers and other essentials and a fixed TV Screen and the set of a DVD player.

The hotel’s staff is well-known for its excellent services. They are proficient in several languages used in entertainment, including Arabic, Urdu, and English. The hotel ambience gives a pleasant feel and keeps the guests relaxed.

Park Lane Hotel Lahore


10. Royal Swiss

Near the Allama Iqbal, International Airport is where you’ll find the Royal Swiss Hotel. The hotel provides free pickup services from the airport. They are known for their balanced prices on their services. The hotel provides currency exchange and ATM services, a fitness center, free Wi-Fi, and a parking facility. The air-conditioned rooms feature an attached bathroom with essential amenities, and they come equipped with a coffee machine. It has a comfortable single-seated sofa, table, and chair. The hotel also provides visitors with a breakfast buffet.

Royal Swiss Lahore

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Written  by Urooj Fatima