Haneef Siri Paye

 Top 5 Paaye In Lahore in 2024-2025

Best Paye In Lahore: The centre of Pakistan is Lahore. Have you heard the saying, “Jinnay Lahore nai whekhya, o jammia nai!”? That is correct because Lahore is the ideal place to come for everything from cultural attractions to delectable cuisine.

 Nothing compares to the top restaurants in Lahore, particularly when it comes to desi food. Lahore is known as the “city of food” for its succulent regional cuisine from India. Rich in taste and radiating perfection. The five best restaurants in Lahore for delectable desi food paaye are listed here. Phajja paaye Lahore is worldwide famous. Tourists especially visit here to enjoy the best paaye in Lahore. 

List of Top 5 Best Paaye In Lahore 2024

1. phajja Siri Paaye
2. Haneef Siri Paye
3. Heera Bong Paye
4. Nasir Bong Paye
5. Asli Phajja Siri Paye

1.phajja Siri Paaye

No one can resist the finger-licking hot served paaye. It’s a treat to the soul. Phajja Siri Paaye is a perfect choice to eat delicious paye for breakfast, mainly served earlier. Phajja Siri paaye Lahore is one of the oldest Paaye shops in Lahore. It is famous for its special naan and mutton paaye. The place’s ambiance is refined with outdoor seating, but the food served here is wholesome. The main items on its menu are Phajja paaye, Lamb foot, Full bowl of paaye Four pieces, lamb paaya, maghaz and payas, mutton zuban, mutton khad, Full bong laal Boti, Mix payal, Tawa Chicken breast pieces and lassi. Phajja Siri Paaye serves all the food excellently while being the paaye spot in Lahore.  

Phajja Siri Paaye lahore

Contact: 0309 5470432
Address: police station، Phaja Siri paye 22 temple road near Mozang, Mozang Chungi, Lahore

2. Haneef Siri Paye

Haneef Siri paye are irresistible. They serve the best paye in Lahore. People go there by dawn to get its famous paaye. The ambiance of this place could be better due to the extreme crowd all the time. The place opens by 4 am, and all the food ends by 9 am. People are really into Haneef payee Lahore due to its finger-licking, mouth-watering taste. The popular items on its menu are mutton paaye, maghaz, goat trotters, mutton joints, bong paye Siri paye, goat curry, desi murgh shorba, naan paaye, mutton machli paye, desi seel murgh chicken,khad and paaye and more. Haneef Siri paaye has set the bar for paaye with its exquisite taste.  

Heera Bong Paye lahore

Contact: 0333 4388843
Address: safan wala chowk, 23 Temple Rd, Mozang Chungi, Lahore

3.Heera Bong Paye

Heera Bong Paaye is another top-rated paaye spot in Lahore. If you are craving heavy desi spicy breakfast, heera bong paye is just right for you. It has been famous for serving delicious laal boti for over 50 years. Heera Bong paaye never disappoints. The main item on its menu is special kulcha, paaye, Bong with pudina naan, Kulcha channay and more. The paaye is tender and juicy with a heavenly made bong. It’s a delight to eat breakfast at heera bong paye as it serves the best bong paaye in Lahore.

Heera Bong Paye Lahore

Contact: 0321 4653095 
Address: H96J+M9F, Shalimar Flyover, Larechs Colony 4, Lahore

4.Nasir Bong Paye

Nasir Bong Paye is a famous breakfast spot. It is located at popular anarkali street in Lahore. Nasir Bong paaye opens around 4 am. People get there before to catch its delicious, tender paaye. It has a pleasing ambiance with an open-air sitting space. The services are excellent food is outstanding. Nasir Bong paye offers bong paye, bong nuli and kulcha, beef bong paye, beef paye, beef paye, and bong and naan. It serves hot and freshly made paaye at affordable prices, while its famous dish is special bong paye and channy. Visit it to experience delicious dishes. 

Looking Best Paye In Lahore 2024

Address: H8F6+CP7, Anarkali Bazaar Lahore, Punjab

5.Asli Phajja Siri Paye

Asli Phajja Siri paye also lists one of the best paaye corners in Lahore. If you exist in Lahore and have yet to try, you haven’t eaten anything. This place serves the tempting paaye in Lahore. It is famous for its goat Siri and paaye, made with authentication. The other items on its menu are paaye with gravy, lassi, fresh paye, mutton paaye and curry naan, paya and maghaz, paaye with naan, phajja ky paaye and tawa chicken. People love this place as it’s primarily complete. It has a pleasing ambiance, good services, and an excellent family dinner choice. 

Top Best Paye In Lahore restaurants

Contact: 0302 4029001
Address: H8P5+8RX, Kali Beri Bazar، near Taj Mahal Sweet, Shahi Mohallah Walled City of Lahore


Best Paye In Lahore is a traditional South Asian dish. It is made uniquely with various spices and trotters of cows, goats, buffalo, and sheep. It is mainly eaten for breakfast as it is heavy and takes time to digest. Lahore serves the best paaye in Pakistan. It has different player spots serving for decades. All the places serve the best paaye: tender, spicy, hot, and freshly made. Phajja siri paaye is one the most famous breakfast spots in Lahore. People wake up early to get there and fill their stomachs with newly made, tempting hot paaye.