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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Islamabad in 2024

The beautiful capital Islamabad holds several eateries for food lovers. When it comes to juicy and tender delicacies, Islamabad is there to satiate your cravings. We have lined up some of the best restaurants in Islamabad where you can dine in or take out your favorite food and have a delicious meal.

List of Top 10 Restaurants in Islamabad of 2024

1. Savour Foods
2. The Monal
3. Des Pardes Restaurant
4. Asian Wok
5. Kabul Restaurant
6. 1969 Restaurant
7. Tandoori Restaurant
8. Bar B.Q. Tonight
9. Tuscany Courtyard
10. Ox and Grill Steakhouse

1. Savour Foods

Savour Foods is a long-established restaurant located in Blue Area Islamabad and is renowned for its Pulao with Shami Kabab. It is a nostalgic experience for people who used to visit this place before or those who revisit Islamabad. They offer free pulao refills, and their service is efficient and quick. Savour is a viable option if you want a good and tasty meal at a reasonable price.

top restaurants in islamabad

Address: Fortune Plaza, 2 Jinnah Ave, Block H G 7/2 Blue Area, Islamabad
Specialty: Pulao with Shaami Kabab, Broast.
Contact: (051) 2348097

2. The Monal

Monal is located on top of the Margalla hills and is a well-known name in the capital city. It is famous for its delicious meals along with an elegant view. The atmosphere is always cozy and welcoming, and the live music performances are a great source of joy and amusement. The staff is well-trained, and the service is top-notch.

the monal restaurant

Address: Pir Sohawa Rd, Islamabad.
Specialty: BBQ
Contact: (051) 2898066


3. Des Pardes Restaurant

Des Pardes Restaurant offers an elegant ambiance and a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. The staff is cooperative and friendly and always there to serve you efficiently. They have an extensive menu which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and buffet and provide a wide range of cuisines from traditional to continental as well as Italian and Chinese.

des pardes restaurant

Address: Saidpur Rd, Saidpur, Islamabad
Desi Food
(051) 2320008


4. Asian Wok

Owned by the founders of Monal Restaurant, A great place for an authentic Chinese meal, located in Beverely Center Blue Area. The restaurant features an amazing and eye-catching ambience with an elegant waterfall at the entrance. The accommodation is relaxing, and the atmosphere is peaceful for a fine dining out with friends or family.

asian wok restaurant

Address: Beverly Centre, Jinnah Ave, F 6/1 Blue Area, Islamabad,
Specialty: Szechuan Chicken, Stir-fried prawns, Thai Chicken with Chilli paste.
Contact: (051) 220698

5. Kabul Restaurant

A top-rated restaurant in F7-Markaz that provides authentic Afghani food in a traditional yet elegant setting, They offer both indoor and outdoor seating facilities. Kabul Restaurant serves traditional Afghani cultural cuisines with an impressive presentation. Their staff is highly efficient and very well-trained, and they always prioritize their customers and ensure that none leaves

Address: Plot No. 17, Jinnah Super Market, College Rd, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad.
Specialty: Degi Kabab.
Contact: (051) 2650953


6. 1969 Restaurant

1969 is a themed restaurant that takes you to the vintage era of 60s Pakistan. The restaurant is covered with greenery and lawns, which gives an elegant vibe and the fresh air in the surroundings makes dining out more peaceful and relaxing. The restaurant offers a wide traditional and continental menu which includes the finest delicacies made with top-tier ingredients to provide the utmost taste and texture.

1969 restaurant

Address: Garden Ave, Shakarpairan, Islamabad
Specialty: Desi, BBQ
Contact: 0323 9691969


7. Tandoori Restaurant

Established in 1993, Tandoori Restaurant has been providing quality food and has become a symbol of taste in Islamabad. It is located at multiple locations in and outside of Islamabad. The
ambiance is simple yet elegant, along with rooftop seating. The menu has a wide range of cuisines, and the staff is cooperative and very friendly.

tandoori restaurant

Address: Khursheed Market, St#30, F-10, Islamabad.
Specialty: Dum Biryani, BBQ Platter, Chicken Karahi.
0308 6007000 


8. Bar B.Q. Tonight

An ideal spot for authentic Pakistani cuisine, where everything is made with absolute hygiene and care. They deliver a taste like none other, and their BBQ will surely make you return for
more. Their meat is tender and carefully seasoned to perfection to provide you with a perfect BBQ experience. BBQ Tonight ensures that your food is prepared with utter cleanliness with their strict hygiene check.

bar b q tonight

Address: Embassy Rd, Block A G 6/3 Blue Area, Islamabad,
Specialty: Seekh Kabab, Chicken Tikka, Afghani Kabab
Contact: (051) 8317132


9. Tuscany Courtyard

Tuscany Courtyard is an authentic Italian eatery in Kohsar Market, F-6, Islamabad. The inside of the restaurant reflects the Italian design with big windows, whereas the outside gives off a pure cafe vibe, and the rooftop is designed just like a courtyard which makes up for an overall pleasant dine-in experience. The food is served hot, fresh, and made with the finest ingredients available in the market, and the service is top-notch and efficient.

tuscany courtyard

Address: No. 4, Kohsar Market, Street 10, Islamabad
Contact: (051) 8445544
Specialty: Wild Shiitake Mushroom Steak, Mushroom Melt Burger, Polo Tuscan.


10. Ox and Grill Steakhouse

If you are looking for a juicy, tender, and perfectly cooked steak, Ox and Grill is your place to go. They have a variety of steaks and burgers along with traditional, Mexican, and Thai cuisine. The staff is well-mannered and cooperative, and the service is also good. The ambiance is themed like a Western restaurant with Western images hung on the walls, giving a pleasant look to the whole place. it is also coming in the list of best restaurants in Islamabad

ox and grill steakhouse


Address: 13-S First Floor, Sharoon Plaza, College Rd, F 7 Markaz F-7, Islamabad,
Specialty: Ox and Grill special steak, Louisiana Chicken.
Contact: (051) 2650792

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Written  by Anas Shah Muhammad