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Top 10 Best Sehri Places in Islamabad

In this beautiful month of Ramadan, Enjoy the Best sehri in Islamabad where delicious food is ready to satisfy your hunger here you will find unforgettable sehri to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, following is the list of the 10 Best Sehri Places in Islamabad

  1. Monal.
  2. Atrio Cafe & Grill.
  3. Despardes.
  4. Tuscany Courtyard 
  5. Chilman Restaurant
  6. English Tea House
  7. La Montana
  8. Serena Hotel
  9. Anarkali Restaurant
  10. Koffee Net

1. Monal Islamabad

Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Ramadan at the Monal Restaurant Islamabad. Enjoy the Best sehri in Islamabad with your loved ones while enjoying the amazing view. Monal guarantees an extraordinary Sehri experience during this holy month,


Sehri buffet price: 2395/+tax only
Phone no: 051-111-777-778, +92 51 2898044,
Address: 9 km, Islamabad – Pirsohawa Road, Islamabad, Pakistan

2. Atrio Cafe & Grill

Enjoy the delicious sehri in Ramadan at Atrio Cafe & Grill. guarantees a wonderful beginning to your day of fasting. go have a pleasant Ramadan with them.

atrio cafe and grill in islamabad

Sehri buffet price: 1,195\- (+tax)
Phone no:(051) 8319999
Address: F-7 Markaz

3. Despardes

Enjoy the charm of Ramadan with Despardes they are providing the best sehri and iftar deals at affordable prices Have a great meal with all your favorite foods before sunrise to aid with your fast.

despardes is providing sehri

Sehri buffet price: 1999/- (+tax)
Phone no: 051-2320008 | 051-2320009
Address: Saidpur village, Islamabad, Pakistan

4. Tuscany Courtyard

Enjoy an amazing Sehri buffet experience at Tuscany Courtyard, where Ramadan customs and Tuscan cuisines combine. Take part in a gourmet adventure that offers a variety of delicious meals, such as spicy biryanis and wonderful kebabs, all set in a small-town courtyard setting that reflects the spirit of Italy. They are providing more than 20 dishes in their buffet

tuscany courtyard islamabad

Sehri buffet price: PKR 1,795 + Tax.
Phone no: (051) 8445544
Address: Kohsar Market, Islamabad.

5. Chilman Restaurant

Enjoy a delicious Sehri meal at Chilman Restaurant with its extensive buffet. Enjoy classic tastes and modern pleasures in a comfortable setting. Every meal, from delicious kebabs to fragrant biryanis, and chill drinks, is carefully prepared to fulfill your sehri cravings. At Chilman, Ramadan mornings are special.

chilman restaurant providing best sehri

Sehri buffet price: PKR 1,750 + Tax.
Phone no: 0302 4094493
Address: G-9 Markaz

6. English Tea House

Enjoy our sehri buffet at English Tea House and a peaceful sehri experience. appreciate a luxurious meal that features both classic favorites and modern treats that are expertly prepared to please every pallet. eat their delicious food selections while taking in the spirit of Ramadan in an elegant setting with excellent service.

english tea house islamabad

Sehri buffet price: PKR 2,245+ Tax.
Phone no: 0311 1122102
Address: F-7/2

7. La Montana
La Montana is an amazing place situated on Margalla Hills here you can enjoy your Ramadan with some breathtaking views, they are providing 25 plus items in their sehri buffet at a very affordable price

la montana islamabad

Sehri buffet price: PKR  1,799 + Tax
Phone no: (051) 2898226
Address: Pir Sohawa Road

8. Serena Hotel
Celebrate the Best sehri in Islamabad at the Serena Hotel, where you will experience the very best in Ramadan hospitality. Enjoy a rich buffet of local dishes and worldwide favorites that are carefully prepared to please every palette in the elegant atmosphere of Serena’s legendary warmth.

serena hotel islamabad

Sehri buffet price: PKR 3,000 + Tax
Phone no:(051) 111133133
Address: Khayaban-e-Suharwardy

9. Anarkali Restaurant
Enjoy the perfect sehri buffet this Ramadan at the excellent food at Anarkali Restaurant. Taste a range of tasty meals, both traditional and modern, that are specially cooked to make your sehri outstanding.  They are serving 8 items in the buffet.

anarkali restaurant is providing best sehri in islamabad

Sehri buffet price: PKR 1,099 + Tax
Phone no:(051) 5411777
Address: Bahria Town Phase 7

10. Koffee Net
Make your day memorable this Ramadan with Koffee Net. They have the best sehri buffet which is value for money it has more than 15 items in their pre-dawn meal

Koffee Net islamabad

Sehri buffet price: PKR 1349 + Tax
Phone no:(051) 8434107
Address: F-7, Union Gold Mall

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