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Top Steaks & Steakhouse in Karachi in 2024

A perfectly cooked juicy steak is an ideal feast for lunch or dinner. The rich aroma and texture of the flavorful meat are an absolute temptation for steak lovers, and this article is a godsend. We have carefully picked out some of the best steak restaurants in Karachi which serve the juiciest and the most tender steak in the city of lights to satiate your steak cravings. 

For the ultimate steak experience in Karachi, indulge in the exquisite flavors at renowned restaurants like Okra, Sakura, and Arizona Grill.

1. Steak by CFU

The top-rated steak house in DHA Phase Karachi, Steak by CFU, offers a diversified menu consisting of the most tender steaks dripping with delectable sauces. Their steak platter comes with multiple sides, which are light and tasty. Steak by CFU is a good fine dining experience, and they offer a variety of dishes other than just steaks. They’re known for their excellent service, cooperative staff, and warm and welcoming environment. 


Address: 6C Old Sunset Blvd،, opposite post office, D.H.A. Phase 2 Phase 2 Karachi 


2. Saltage Steakhouse

Saltage Steakhouse uses a method called dry aging, which escalates the flavor and tenderness of the steak and gives it a fine texture. Dry aging requires the meat to be put in an open environment by which the air acts on the meat and the muscle in the meat is broken down, which gives it a unique taste; Saltage Steakhouse uses dry air from the Himalayas for dry aging. This place offers the best steak in K-town, which will fulfill all your steak cravings. 

best saltage steakhouse in karachi

Address: 25-C Nishat Lane 1, Facing, Khayaban-e-Nishat, Karachi. 


3. Angus Steakhouse

Angus Steakhouse is the best place to dine out with family or friends due to its relaxing and calm environment and its great selection of steak. Steak lovers highly recommend their steak because of its soft and tender nature, which is a blessing for people looking for a rich and juicy steak. They also have a great selection of other dishes, such as fish, chicken, and pasta, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy, no matter what your taste buds are craving. They have a Western-themed ambiance which has a unique charm to it, and their service is also top-notch. 

angus steakhouse Karachi best steak

Address: 23-C, 2nd Commercial Lane, Zamzama Commercial Area Defence V Karachi, 


4. Koffie Chalet

 Koffie Chalet is a renowned cafe in Karachi that offers an extensive menu of delectable steaks, as well as plenty of other delicious sides to choose from. Their atmosphere is cozy, and service is extraordinary, and they’re known for their friendly and accommodating staff. Koffie Chalet is a must-visit for any foodie and steak lover.

koffie chalet in karachi providing best steaks

Address: Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society Block A, Karachi.


5. Prime 109 – Steak and Chops

As the name indicates, Prime 109 excels in steaks and serves some of the best and juiciest meat you can find in K-town. They offer a huge variety of steaks oozing with flavorsome sauces, which will be enough to satisfy your tastebuds. Their steaks are perfectly cooked at the right temperature and will surely change your perspective of steaks. They are positively rated by customers, and they make sure that no one leaves unhappy. 

prime 109 Steak and Chops in karachi

Address: Khayaban-e-Nishat, D.H.A Phase 6, Karachi.


6. Jason’s Steak House

Located in Pearl Continental Karachi, Jason’s Steak House serves some of the juiciest steaks in Karachi. Their ambiance reflects a vintage theme which offers a retro vibe, and the elegant view of the skyline enhances the overall experience and makes it delightful. Their menu is expensive but is worthwhile as they prepare everything with the finest ingredients, and their steaks are made from imported meat which is the core element for their exceptional taste and quality.

jason's steak house in karachi

Address: Pearl Continental, Civil Lines, Karachi, 


7. Meat the Cheese

It is the go-to spot for people who love their food loaded and overflowing with cheese. Their steaks are also served with unique cheesy sauces, which is a perfect fit for people who want both cheese and steak. Their environment is relaxing and cozy, and their staff is friendly and cooperative. Meat the cheese is a budget-friendly option for foodies looking for cheesy fine dining. 

 meat the cheese

Address: Tipu Sultan Rd, Karachi Memon Co-operative Housing Society, PECHS, Karachi.  

8. Sizzlerz Cafe and Grill

Renowned for its sizzling steaks, Sizzlerz is located in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, offering a delectable experience for steak enthusiasts. They skillfully cook and season their steaks, captivating your taste buds. The ambiance is welcoming, and it is an ideal option if you are looking for a good fine dining experience. 

sizzlerz is one of the best steak in karachi

Address: Block، 4 Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani Rd, Block 4 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi. 

9. The Patio

A welcoming and less crowded environment is perfect for a dine-out with friends or family. With extreme passion and skill, they craft mouth-watering steaks, providing a delightful culinary experience in the heart of Karachi.. Other than steaks, they also offer sandwiches, burgers, and salads which are also full of flavor. Their serving quantity and presentation are exceptional, which is why many people prefer going there.

the patio karachi steak is best

Address: F-Street, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi.   

10. Jardin

A modern-themed fine dining experience that serves authentic steaks. They welcome you with a fresh bread basket covered with butter, a flavorful delight. They also treat people on special occasions like birthdays and wedding anniversaries, providing them with complimentary desserts and bouquets. Their ambiance is cozy, with relaxing music in the background, and their staff is also highly cooperative.

jardin best steak in karachi

Address: Ittehad Lane 6, Khayaban-e-Ghazi, D.H.A Phase 6, Karachi.

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Written  by Anas Shah Muhammad