best steaks in islamabad

Best Steaks & Steakhouse Restaurants in Islamabad in 2024

Islamabad is one of the most beautiful cities in Pakistan. It is well-known for the great Faisal Mosque. Being the capital city of Pakistan, It plays a significant role in all sectors of the country. Meanwhile, Islamabad is especially famous for its traditional and international cuisines. The people of Islamabad love to eat. Like its sweet people, Islamabad serves you the best steaks with a sight blessing your eyes. Following are the renowned steakhouses of Islamabad.

list of best steaks in Islamabad in 2024

1. Ox & Grill Steakhouse
2. American Steakhouse
3. Porterhouse
4. Jason’s Steak House
5. Texas Steak House
6. Fijji’s Grill
7. La Terrazza
8. Franco’s
9. Crispino cafe
10. Mouthful Islamabad

1. Ox & Grill Steakhouse

Ox & Grill is a popular steakhouse in Islamabad. It is located in the twin cities of Pakistan. Ox & Grill has indoor and outdoor sitting spaces with perfect Ambiance. They have a well-mannered trained staff and an expert team of chefs. Their menu is full of American and Traditional cuisines. They have Italian, Chinese, Mexican, and delicious seafood. A list of flavored juicy steaks with surprising drinks awaits you. They serve the best steaks in Islamabad

ox & grill steakhouse

Location: 13-S First Floor, Sharoon Plaza, College Rd, F 7 Markaz F-7, Islamabad,
Contact: (051) 2650792
Timing: 12 PM- 12 AM
Famous food: Maryland Steak and Italian Chicken
Price Range: PKR 2000 – PKR 6000

2. American Steakhouse

A comfy cozy restaurant with a bunch of tempting flavors of the steak. They have proper SOPs followed by staff and systems. It is the best steakhouse in Islamabad. They have a big menu including appetizers and platters. American Steakhouse is known for its spicy and perfectly cooked steak. They also make according to your preference.

american steakhouse  in Islamabad

Location: First Floor Super Market، Block F School Rd, Islamabad
Contact: (051) 2826506
Timing: 12 PM- 12 AM
Famous food: Smoked BBQ Steak
Price Range: PKR 3000-PKR 7000

3. Porterhouse

Porterhouse is also known as porter steak. It is a low-key restaurant that has been serving high-quality food for more than 50 years. Porter’s house is filled with elegant aromas and presentable dishes. The menu is based on uniquely made meat steaks and crispy junk food. Its steak is designed in a cut that makes it mouth-watering. They also deliver homemade porter ice cream. Molten meat with deep seasoning at a reasonable price.

porterhouse in islamabad

Location: 6 Kohsar Market, Islamabad
Contact: (051) 2307703
Timing: 9 AM-12 AM
Famous food: Rib Eye Steak
Price Range: PKR 1000 – PKR 5000

4. Jason’s Steak House

Jason’s Steakhouse is a Western restaurant located in the Marriott Hotel, Islamabad. It is an extraordinarily charming place to dine in. They have the best beef steaks with appealing side dishes. Their menu is full of lavish cuisines and seafood. Jason’s Steakhouse offers the finest beef dipped in your favorite sauces. This place will make you drool all over again.

jason's steak house islamabad


Location: P3MQ+338, F-5/1 F-5, Islamabad,
Timing: 7 PM- 11 PM
Famous food: Black Angus Steak and Lambchop
Price Range: PKR 5000- PKR 12000

5. Texas Steak House

It is an ordinary restaurant offering excellent service and a calming ambiance. Texas has an expert management team. This place offers various discounts and deals occasionally. Its menu contains Mexican, Italian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines. Texas is especially famous for its steak series. A combo of molten meat drowned in sauce feels perfect. they have the best steaks in Islamabad

texas steak house Islamabad steaks

Location: Shaheen Market, Street 14, E-7, Islamabad
Contact: (051) 2654949
Timing: 12 PM – 12 AM
Famous food: Fire Steak and Cheesecake
Price Range: PKR 1000 – PKR 4000

6. Fijji’s Grill

Fijji’s Grill is a supreme restaurant for quick meetups. Its outlook is soft and out of chaos as it is made in the basement. They have excellent services with polite staff. Fiji’s Grill delivers an expectational taste. The menu contains BBQ, European, Italian, and Continental finger-licking dishes. They are specialized in Steaks.

pizza in lahore

Location: Block A, Blue Area Islamabad
Contact: (051)2871033
Timing: 12 PM – 11 PM
Famous food: Steak
Price Range: PKR 1000 – PKR 3000

7. La Terrazza

La Terraza is established in Centaurus Mall. After an exhausting shopping, all you need is great food to make your mood, and that’s where La Terraza serves you just right. They have indoor and outdoor dining places with great views. The menu is wholesome, including Hi-tea, the main course, and appetizers.

la terrazza islamabad

Location: 317, Third Floor, The Centaurus Mall, Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad
Contact: (051) 8483663
Timing: 11:30 AM- 12 PM
Famous food: Grilled Chicken
Price Range: PKR 1000- PKR 5000

8. Franco’s

Franco’s is an elite restaurant with a luxury dining setup. It is classified as the best restaurant in Islamabad. They have professional staff, appropriate lighting with quick service. Franco’s is best known for making succulent meat with optional seasoning. Its menu has burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, pasta, and a lot more. All the dishes are served with exquisite taste.

franco's islamabad

Location: P394+M3W, بھٹائی روڈ, F-7 Markaz F 7 Markaz F-7, Islamabad,
Contact: (051) 2656919
Timing: 7 AM- 12 PM
Famous food: Chicken parmo and clockwise Pizza
Price Range: PKR 1000-PKR 5000

9. Crispino cafe

Like its name, it served crunchy, crispy, and munchy food. It is a restaurant with perfect lighting and a rich aroma. It also has arrangements for parties and hangouts. Crispino Cafe offers a wide range of cuisines. Traditional and International, all dishes are on the menu to ease your craving.

crispino cafe

Location: G-10 Markaz G 10 Markaz G-10, Islamabad
Contact: (051) 2355333
Timing: 11 AM- 2 AM
Famous food: Beef Steak
Price Range: PKR 2000 – PKR 5000

10. Mouthful Islamabad

Mouthful is a rooftop restaurant with a great view of Margalla. It has a calming ambiance with the dazzling sight of the sunset. Mouthful has a portion of delicious food with fun. They have a menu according to your mood. All the tempting Italian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines are there to treat you. Its succulent beef steak with pretty garnishing makes it unique.

mouthful islamabad

Location: P3F5+5WX, Rooftop, Union Gold Mall, College Rd, F-7 Markaz F 7 Markaz F-7, Islamabad
Timing: 10 AM- 7 PM
Famous food: Alfredo Pasta
Price Range: PKR 1000-PKR 5000 


Islamabad has a variety of restaurants with expert teams. The fresh food with its original taste gives a satisfying vibe. The pretty food with pretty sights is worth spending money on. Islamabad has the best steakhouses with molten juicy soft steak combined with spicy seasoning and creamy sauces to fulfill your cravings ksaykhao provides you with a list of restaurants that make the best steaks in Islamabad.

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