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Top 10 Food Street in Islamabad in 2024

Islamabad is a beautiful city with enchanted views. It is a capital city of Pakistan famous for its dazzling mountains and captivating sights. It is the center of all political and international activities. People worldwide visit Islamabad for its well-known beauty and undeniably tasty food. Islamabad is not only rich in beauty, but it is also famous for its finger-licking food and pretty cafes. Street food in Islamabad is on another level. You can get all types of cuisines in Food Street Islamabad.

Islamabad’s food street is unlike regular street food. It is rich in taste and made with fresh ingredients while maintaining hygiene. Food Street Islamabad has many cafes, restaurants, stalls, and hotels serving excellent food at reasonable prices. Street Food Islamabad is the perfect choice for foodies and food bloggers. Here is the list of Islamabad’s 10 best street food places to check and fill your tummy.

list of 10 Best Street Food in Islamabad in 2024

1. Street Snax
2. Namkeen Cuisine
3. Melody Food Park
4. Street Food
6. Tasty Bite Afghani Burger
7. Khabbay Ki Sajji
8. Foodie King
9.De Spicehood Café
10.F-7 Food Court

1. Street Snax

Street Snax is one of the top-rated street foods in Islamabad. It has a pleasing ambiance with a casual atmosphere. Street Snax offers various snacks like burgers, bun kabab, and fries. It is an excellent place to hang out with friends and enjoy tasty and fresh street food.

street snax Best Street Food in Islamabad

Contact: 0332 2420180
Location: Services Society MPCHS E 11/3 E-11, Islamabad

2.Namkeen Cuisine

Namkeen Cuisine offers the best street food in Islamabad. It has a great Ambience with Fresh Food. All the food tastes outstanding. Namkeen cuisine has excellent services and indoor and outdoor sitting spaces, making it a perfect family restaurant. The main items on its menu are lamb Tikka, Kabuli pulao, Afghani naan, Angra Chicken, Beef Afghani Boti, and more. It also offers different platters and deals serving quick tempting snacks to ease hunger.

Namkeen Cuisine

Contact: (051) 2107555
Location: 73 Street 73, F-11/1 F 11/1 F-11, Islamabad

3.Melody Food Park

Melody Food Park street food is famous all over Islamabad. It is a beautiful outdoor place surrounded by the dazzling sights of Islamabad. It’s a food court serving yummiest and freshly made food, including finger fish, naan, biryani, chicken karahi, chicken boti pulao, mutton karahi, and chicken tikka. The ambiance is refreshing with quick services.

Melody Food Park Best Street Food in Islamabad

Contact: 0316 0555628
Location: 1 Street 5, G-6/3 G 6 Markaz G-6, Islamabad,

4. Street Food

Street Food is an alluring restaurant with a pleasing ambiance. The bright colors with the modern touch make this place attractive. Street food services are excellent, just like its food. The main items on its menu are chicken chutney roll, cheeseburger, chicken grilled sandwich, chicken handi, Shahi Daal, Keema fry, Karachi ki biryani, and more. All the food is served hot at reasonable prices.

Street Food

Contact: 051 8355453
Location: Masco Plaza Islamabad


Eat Street Islamabad is a Food Corner serving tempting street food. It has a great ambiance with outdoor sitting space, and the food is top-notch, dipped in sauces and spices. The main items on its menu are a bun kebab, grilled chicken patty burger, cheesy fries, hot drinks, Chicken Shawarma, chicken tortilla wrap, crispy chicken sandwich, chicken Samosa, chana chaat, fruit chat assorted pakora, vegetable samosa, mint Margarita and more all the food is made fresh and served hot it is an excellent option beat your late night cravings.

EAT STREET Street Food in Islamabad

Contact: 0333 5185459
Location: Shakarparian View Point, Islamabad,

6. Tasty Bite Afghani Burger

It is a local street food corner serving delicious food. Taste Bite Afghani Burger offers street food at a reasonable price. The main items on the menu are the Afghani burger, beef sausages burger, chicken sausages burger, single meatloaf burger, burger-loaded fries wrap, and more. All the food tastes delicious. In contrast, it is well known for its meatloaf wrap filled with fries, sausage, meat chunks, and more it’s a perfect solution to your snack cravings.

Tasty Bite Afghani Burger

Contact: 0317 0888340
Location: 201 Street 57, G-9/4 G 9/4 G-9, Islamabad

7. Khabbay Ki Sajji

It is a beautiful restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining set up. The ambiance is outstanding, whereas the restaurant’s outlook is filled with colors, joy, and pretty sights. Khabbay ki sajji is famous for its beautiful decoration and delicious food. The main items on its menu are Tikka Saji with Arabian rice, masala rice with Peri Peri chicken, Barbecue naan platter, chicken tikka, chicken karahi, special sajji Barbecue platter, rice platter, Malai sajji, and more. All the food is served hot and fresh with a licking taste. It is the best place to enjoy street food with colorful views.

Khabbay Ki Sajji

Contact: 0316 5422229
Location: Opposite Divine Enterprises, F-10 Markaz F 10/3 F-10, Islamabad,

8. Foodie King

Foodie King is a fast food restaurant with a fantastic ambiance and tempting food. Its food is a side of heaven. It has indoor and outdoor sitting spaces serving deliciously mesmerizing food. The main items on its menu are a Barbecue platter, sandwiches, seekh kabab, pizza, Chapli Kabab, chicken patty burger, beef burger, Zinger burger, onion rings, Matka cheese fries, and more. Visit it now to taste wholesome food.

foody king

Contact: 0336 6009006
Location: A, Royal Hostel City, Street 7, Park Rd, near Chatha Bakhtawar, Islamabad,

9.De Spicehood Café

It is serving the best street food in Islamabad. De Spicehood Café is an open-air Food Corner for quick Hangouts. All the food tastes succulent. The main items on its menu are chicken roll paratha, Jumbo BBQ, regular chicken paratha, chicken chest, Chicken Shawarma, Boom Boom chicken roll, Chicken seekh boti, and more. All the food is fresh and available at a reasonable price.

De Spicehood Café

Contact: 0331 7333008
Location: Mujahid Market, Street 49, G-9/1 G 9/1 G-9, Islamabad 

10. F-7 Food Court

F7 Food Court is one of the most famous street food corners in Islamabad, serving various foods at a reasonable price. It has an outdoor sitting space with quick services and a pleasing Ambience. The main items on the F7 food court are mushroom Steak, Zinger burger, Chinese rice and Manchurian, Matka chai, Italian chicken dumplings, chicken tikka, saag and makki Roti, chicken karahi Gosht, fresh juices, and many more all the food is mouth-watering being the most visited place.

F 7 Food Court

Location: P3C5+C2X, F-7 Markaz F 7 Markaz F-7, Islamabad, Islamabad


Food Street Islamabad serves a variety of dishes with an amiable look. It is made freshly with a unique pattern to satisfy your cravings. Islamabad street food is the perfect choice to eat different cuisines in a good atmosphere. here are the best cafes restaurants in islamabad 2024