chicken nbiryani in karachi

1. Rehman Biryani

The most popular biryani in karachi is rehman biryani. Just because it’s aromatic and tempting basmati rice and it completely mixture of spices that burst in the mouth and makes you hungry more. 

al rehman biryani in karachi

  • Address: Gk-7/73، Hajra Manzil، Nakhuda Street، Karachi, Kharadar Karachi

2. Student Biryani

One of the city’s oldest restaurants serving great biryani is called Student Biryani. They continue to be a popular option for those who enjoy biryani. In the year 1969, Haji Muhammad Ali started it. With outlets in Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and Canada, it is now well-known on a global scale. The unique flavor of this mouthwatering dish is also available at many outlets in Karachi. Student biryani comes in a variety of flavors, including chicken tikka, beef, and chicken.

student biryani in karachi

  • Address: Van St, Empress Market, Central Jacob Lines, Karachi.

 3. Biryani of The Seas

Biryani of the seas is one of the fastest-expanding location for biryani in Clifton. The addition of fresh seafood is the dish’s key component. It is a pretty good place to enjoy some various varieties if you are sick of eating biryani in the classic form. Additionally, they offer a wide variety of seafood dishes such Bar B Q prawns, seafood rolls, seafood karahi, and Chinese seafood.

biryani of the Seas in karachi

  • Address: Frere Town, Shop No. 20, Prince Complex, Frere Police Station Road, Karachi.

4. The White  Biryani

It is located in DHA phase 6, White biryani has enhance attraction in the past few years. The White Biryani has fantastic delivery options. The orange and yellow color of the classic Karachi biryani is absent, but it still contains all the spices and flavor of that dish.

the white biryani in karachi

  • Address: Plot 22-C Rahat Commercial Lane 2, D.H.A Phase 6, Karachi. 

5. Haji Biryani

Jamshed Road contains Haji Biryani. For those who wish to experience the true flavor of biryani, their chicken and beef biryani has a delicious flavor. There, you can have boneless beef biryani, which will give you the authentic taste of juicy, soft meat served with rice.

haji biryani in Karachi

  • Address: V2JV+RJG, Jamshed Quarters Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh

6. Biryani Center

In Karachi, Biryani Center has four locations. The third one is at SMCHS, the fourth one is in North Nazimabad, and two of them are in various stages of defence. Two buddies started it. Mr. Amanullah Khan and Mr. Mehboob Ali. This restaurant serving biryani is credited as being the first to package food in aluminum foil. They starts a branch in Malaysia, they have also establishing their reach internationally.

biryani center in karachi

  • Address: phase 5 plot no, 12-C 26th Commercial Street، Phase V Tauheed Commercial Area Defence V Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75500

7. Madni Biryani

A best biryani restaurant in the buffer zone is called Madni. They make a tasty chicken biryani with just the right quantity of chicken, and the rice is of good quality. It is less hot than other biryani, making it perfect for individuals who wish to eat mildly spiced rice in a fine setting.

madni biryani in karachi

  • Address: R-31, Sector 15-A/5, Buffer Zone, Karachi.

8. Farhan Biryani

May be this is your very first time to get to know  about this spot, but trust us or not, Farhan Biryani offers the most delicious biryani in Karachi, at the most reasonable rates. Located at Pehalwan Chowk, Gulistan-e-Johar, you can easily navigate Farhan Biryani and pakwan Centre on your way back home after a hectic day. In addition to serving the most flavorful chicken biryani in town, Farhan Biryani also offers a range of pulao options, zardah, raita, and salad.

Farhan biryani in Karachi

  • Address: D-56, Block 12, Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi.

9. Mirchi 360

Phase 5 of defence for Mirchi 360 has begun. Their menu mainly consists fast food items which including fish nuggets, chicken makhni, brain masala, Afghani kebabs, and others. The Sindhi biryani they provide is truly remarkable among rice dishes. To ensure that you get the authentic flavor of Sindhi biryani, it is professionally prepared using all of the essential ingredients.

mirchi 360 in karachi

  • Address: Stadium Commercial Lane 3, Khadda Market, DHA, Phase 5, Karachi, Pakistan

10. Special Ghosia Nali Biryani

City eaters flock to Liaquatabad to enjoy this unique but delicious version of their favorite meal. Before they experimented with Nalli (Marrow) and created the Nalli Biryani, which caught the attention of all Biryani lovers in Karachi, the shop was known for their Beef Biryani up until the beginning of 2018. In 2018, Ghousia’s Nalli Biryani quickly gained popularity on social media. The street crowds indicate that the excitement hasn’t gone yet.

special ghosia nali biryani in karachi

  • Address: 2/240, Liaqatabad Commercial Area, Main Sarafa bazar، Block 6 Liaquatabad Town, Karachi, 74600