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Desi Restaurants in Lahore in 2024

When it comes to the desi restaurants in Lahore, we have to say “Lahore Lahore Hai” – the heaven of flavors. Our KsayKhao team is on a mission to discover the top 10 desi food restaurants in Lahore for you.

So, we have generated a list of desi restaurants offering the yummiest food at pocket-friendly prices along with complete address details.

Join us as we explore these desi food series options in Lahore, and let’s enjoy the incredible flavors this city has to offer.

The Best Desi Restaurants Lahore List 2024

Explore more about the affordable and flavorful desi restaurants options in Lahore with our top 10 list.

1.Dera Restaurant
2.Haveli Restaurant
3.Monal Restaurant
4.Andaaz Restaurant
5.Butt Karahi
6.Salt’n Pepper Village
7.Khan Baba Restaurant
8.Phajja Siri Paye
9.Lal Qila
10Spice Bazaar

1.Dera Restaurant

Dera Restaurant of Lahore is renowned for its delicious Pakistani cuisine, live music, and desi vibes from seating arrangements to interior design since 2003.

The outdoor seating area has a Desi feel with wooden chaarpai and moora. The menu offers a variety of desi dishes in mutton, chicken, and beef. Taka Chicken, BBQ, and Lassi are highly recommended.

They also serve Continental options and a Hi-tea buffet for a delightful experience with sweet treats. Now Dera is a family of three branches in Lahore.

dera restaurant


  • Hafeez Kardar Road, near Gaddafi Stadium, Block E 2 Gulberg III
  • Abul Hassan Isfahani Road, Block C Faisal Town
  • Plot 10, Block B Phase 1 Johar Town

2.Haveli Restaurant

Old Lahore Food Street is a treasure of flavorful eateries, and Haveli Restaurant is one of them. Haveli is renowned for its historic building of Haveli Khalil Khan offering a panoramic view of the Badshahi Mosque and live music enhances the experience.

This restaurant offers various cuisines, including Chinese, Afghan, and Barbeque, perfect for those craving spicy and flavorful dishes. The local favorite is Chatpata dish which is a must-try. Haveli is a must-visit eatery for a true taste of Lahore’s rich heritage and flavors.

haveli restaurant

Address: 2170-A Food Street Fort Road, Shahi Mohallah Walled City of Lahore

3.Monal Restaurant

Your cravings for the best desi food in Lahore can be satisfied by the one and only Monal Lahore. This renowned eatery is a favorite among locals for its stunning ambiance, out-class services, and delicious cuisine.

At Monal, you’ll find a wide range of traditional Pakistani dishes alongside international options with special diets like vegan, Gluten-free, and vegetarian. Monal has got you covered.

monal restaurant

Address: Park and Ride Plaza, Liberty Chowk, Gulberg III, Lahore

4.Andaaz Restaurant

Lahore is a hub of the finest eateries and Andaaz Restaurant stands in the top 5 known for its breathtaking views of a 400-year-old Badshahi mosque and the vibrant city. It also offers an attractive setting and ambiance. The food is exceptional, combining traditional and modern flavors seamlessly.

The first-class service and interior details ensure a magnificent dining experience. For an unforgettable desi meal in Lahore, Andaaz Restaurant is an absolute must-visit.

andaaz restaurant

Address:2170-A Food Street Fort Road, Shahi Mohallah Walled City of Lahore

5.Butt Karahi

Butt Karahi is a top restaurant in Lahore and across Pakistan, known for its yummiest Karahi dishes and Karahi is a national dish of Pakistani people. Their new location in Lahore offers the same delicious chicken and mutton Karahi cooked from fresh ingredients.

butt karahi

It’s a must-visit for scrumptious karahi bites in Lahore.

Address: Lakshmi Chowk, McLeod Rd, Lahore

6.Salt’n Pepper Village

Salt’n Pepper Village Restaurant in Lahore is a food pioneer, offering traditional and subcontinental cuisine. They introduced the “Live Buffet” concept, preparing food in front of you in a bazaar setting.

The village stands for the chain of restaurants, known for popularizing Pakistani cuisine and bringing back classic dishes. Don’t miss it for a true taste of Pakistani desi dishes and delightful desserts.

salt’n pepper village

Address: B-103 MM Alam Road, Block B2 Gulberg III, Lahore

7.Khan Baba Restaurant

Khan Baba is a must-visit for those searching for the best desi restaurants in Lahore. They use pure homemade desi ghee for cooking high-quality dishes with a mouthwatering aroma. Their must-try dishes include Qeema Naan, Mutton Karahi, mutton chops, Qorma, Champain, and Zarda.

You can also consider them for event catering, as their aromatic food steals the show. While its high price is worth it for fans of authentic Desi cuisines

khan baba restaurant

Address: Lower Mall, Niaz View Sanda, Lahore

8.Phajja Siri Paye

Phajja’s Siri Paye in the walled city of Lahore is a famous 24-hour service provider for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They are expert at finger-licking paye with perfect spices. Besides mutton and beef paye, you can savor brain masala, murgh chane, qorma, daal, biryani, and more.
Whenever you crave a healthy and heavy meal, Phajja Siri Paye is a must-visit spot.

phajja siri paye

Address: Kali Beri Bazar, near Taj Mahal Sweet, Walled City of Lahore

9.Lal Qila

Lal Qila is a versatile restaurant offering desi, BBQ, Chinese, and continental cuisine all in one place with a luxurious Mughlai vibe. You can experience a grand atmosphere and a live kitchen where your food is being prepared.

It’s a top choice for families as it caters to a variety of taste preferences. Their buffet is a favorite among customers for the extensive and delectable dishes it offers, leaving you craving for more.

lal qila

Address: 12 Main Boulevard Garden Town, Babar Block, Lahore

10.Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar is located in the center of Lahore and offers authentic Desi cuisine with mild spices and great taste. Their Must-try dishes include the mixed platter, Mutton Kunna, Seekh kabab, murgh handi, fish, and Gulaab Jamun for dessert.

It also offers a pleasant ambiance, cooperative staff, and high maintenance standards. For a delicious Desi meal in Lahore, Spice Bazaar is the place to go.

spice bazaar

Address: T-01, Tipu Sultan Road, off MM Alam Road, Lahore


In the wide range of desi restaurants in Lahore, these were our top picks for you. From Dera desi seating to Monal’s classic vibes, each offers a unique experience. Spice Bazaar’s mild spices and Khan Baba’s aromatic dishes stand out. Phajja Siri Paye serves round-the-clock goodness, while Lal Qila caters to diverse tastes.

Salt’n Pepper Village brings back classic Pakistani dishes, and Butt Karahi is a national sensation with its authentic Karahi. Haveli and Andaaz Restaurant offer delightful flavors in the food street. Choose your fav and enjoy the best desi food in Lahore. List of Top Restaurants in Faisalabad  for 2024 

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