dinner buffet in lahore

Best Dinner Buffet Restaurants in Lahore

Greetings to Lahore, Pakistan, which is a city recognized for its booming food industry and rich tradition of culture. You’re definitely in, if you’re a foodie and searching for a delicious food. Engaging in a delicious supper buffet is one of the many options available in best dinner buffet in Lahore for satisfying your appetite.

There are many best restaurants in Lahore for family that serve lunch as well as dinner buffet in lahore. These eateries offer considerable best dinner buffet in Lahore with a variety of international cuisines, such as fish and seafood, Continental, Chinese, and Pakistani meals, as well as beverages including espresso, tea, and drinks.

Following list offers best dinner buffet in Lahore:

  • Villa The Grand Buffet
  • Nadeem’s Buffet
  • Spice Bazaar
  • LalQila
  • Chandni Chock restaurant
  • Freddy’s Cafe
  • Ziafat
  • Bar-B-Q Tonight
  • Skype rooftop


Villa The Grand Buffet is a well-known for best buffet in Lahore, Pakistan, renowned for its luxurious setting and delectable menu. Villa The Grand Buffet offers an outstanding atmosphere for guests looking for an exceptional dining experience, situated in a prominent position.

The major facilities of the dining venue include complimentary drinks on entry, stews, a live fish bar, an appetizer bar, bread that has been freshly baked, a food court area, a meat carving station, Pan Asian specialties, European food, a selection of dessert cocktails and cakes, and hot drinks. For people with an addiction to chocolate, there is a chocolate fountain located at the restaurant.

villa the grand buffet

 LOCATION: 67 MM Alam Rd, Block B1 Block B 1 Gulberg III

 PRICE: PKR 1775+ Tax


A well-known cuisine hotspot in Pakistan’s energetic town of Lahore is Nadeem’s best dinner Buffet in Lahore. NADEEM’S Buffet has established a solid reputation as a well-liked dining establishment among residents as well as visitors because to its mouth-watering variety of cuisine, friendly service, and cosy atmosphere. It offers best dinner buffet with prices. At NADEEM’S Buffet, the efficient and welcoming team makes sure that customers enjoy excellent service throughout their eating experience. Due to its broad menu, which includes selections for almost every palate, this restaurant offers the greatest buffet in Lahore.The buffet at Nadeem’s restaurant offers both European and traditional Pakistani dishes, including barbecue specialties. At the finish of supper, you’ll have more than forty different kinds of dessert to pick out and an overall of twenty various salads.

nadeem's buffet

 LOCATION: Shop 41-45, Gate # 5, Gaddafi Stadium, Block E 2 Gulberg III

PRICE: Monday – Thursday: PKR 2875+tax Friday – Sunday: PKR 3075+tax


Spice Bazaar is one of the best restaurants in Lahore for family. This restaurant is prominent for the spicy and vibrant delicious flavours of Pakistan. One of the hippest and most pleasant dining establishments in the region is found here in Gulberg, Lahore. The eatery provides a pleasant urban environment that uplifts your spirit and produces a magnificent ambience for an outstanding dining experience.It is among one of the best buffet establishments in the area. Chicken malai boti, Mutton Kabab, Chicken tikka, Beef Khoya Kabab, Boneless cubes of Chicken, Mutton Nalli, and Bihari Kabab are the most well-liked dishes at spice bazar.

spice bazaar

LOCATION: T-01, Tipu Rd, off MM Alam Road

PRICE: PKR 1695+tax


In Lahore, Pakistan, there is a popular eating establishment called LALQILA Buffet, which is recognized for its royal setting and regal dining pleasure. Enter the kingdom of LALQILA Buffet to be pulled away to the beauty and magnificence of the Mughal era. The eatery takes pleasure in offering a wide selection of authentic Pakistani meals that highlight the area’s famous cuisine history.Lal Qila’s dinner buffet offers a wide variety of mouth-watering soups, grills, meals from the Continental, Chinese, Pakistani, and seafood cuisines, in addition to seven salads, ten sweet treats, complimentary paan, and any sort of beverage.


LOCATION: 2 Main Boulevard Garden Town, Babar Block Garden Town

PRICE: PKR 1699+tax


The Pakistani city of Lahore is home to the cuisine gem known as Chandni Chock Restaurant. You’ll be charmed by Chandni Chock Restaurant’s energetic atmosphere as soon as you walk in. The restaurant’s interior design draws inspiration from Chandni Chowk’s busy streets and brilliant colours to provide an amazing dining experience that honors the area’s rich cultural history.They guarantee that you will have a wonderful time there because of their fine cuisine, welcoming atmosphere, and attentive staff members. Everyone can see the kitchen, ensuring that the food is prepared in a hygienic and environmentally responsible environment.

chandni chowk

LOCATION: 227 Gurumangat Rd, Block A3 Block A 3 Gulberg III

PRICE: PKR 1999+tax


Freddy’s Café is a well-liked dinner buffet in Lahore, Pakistan, and is renowned for its welcoming environment, delicious cuisine, and cozy setting. Freddy’s Café has grown into a favorite hangout for residents as well as visitors due to its cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The warm and laid-back ambiance of Freddy’s Café will be obvious as soon as you enter.The café’s attractive décor, which is furnished with cozy seating and chic design, offers a welcoming atmosphere that is ideal for dining in or gathering up with pals. They just launched an additional hi-tea menu with the same wide dessert and spice options.

freddy's cafe

LOCATION: 12, C II, MM Alam Rd, Block C 2 Gulberg III

PRICE: PKR 1679+tax


Ziafat Restaurant is a well-known cuisine hotspot that has been attracting food lovers for a long time in Lahore, Pakistan.  Ziafat has made a name for being a destination restaurant for a special dining experience because to its extensive cuisine, welcoming atmosphere, and first-rate service.The restaurant has a sizable dining space that is tastefully decorated and offers a welcoming atmosphere for customers. At their buffet, they also offers Pakistani street foods like cholla chaat, gol gappy, fried food, roll and samosa, chicken wings etc.


LOCATION: 6-H College Rd, Block H Gulberg 2

 PRICE: PKR 1650+tax


In Lahore, Pakistan, there is a restaurant called East-Chinese and Thai that specializes in serving delectable fusions of Chinese and Thai flavors. East-Chinese and Thai delivers an unforgettable meal that tempts your taste buds with its attractive ambience, excellent service, and mouth-watering meals. It is one of the best restaurants in Lahore for family.In special dishes of Chinese and Thai, they additionally offer delicious Chicken Manchurian, Chicken lollipops, Chicken wings, Chicken Chowmein and much more.

chinese and thai

LOCATION: 6-A College Rd, Block D Block Q Gulberg 2

PRICE: PKR 1495+tax


Barbecue Tonight is one of the most famous restaurants in Lahore, which is prominent for its name. It provides an amazing eating experience and welcoming ambiance, and qualified staff.  Bar-B_Q tonight provides best dinner buffet in Lahore with prices. The first Barbeque Tonight restaurant released in Karachi, and after then, the chain has grown across Pakistan and the Near East.Their menu includes a number of dishes, including Traditional, Continental, and Desi dishes. The special dishes at this Gulberg Lahore restaurant include lamb chops, Chicken White Karahi, beef seekh kabab, BBQ Mutton Leg, Reshmi Kabab, and Palak paneer.

bar bq tonight

LOCATION: DHA Phase III, Lahore.

PRICE: PKR 1120 + tax (per head)


In buffet dinner Lahore, Pakistan, the beautiful Skype Rooftop offers a memorable eating experience while located atop the busy city streets. Skype Rooftop, which stands above a skyscraper, offers stunning sight of the city sky and creates a romantic and stimulating atmosphere.A chic and modern environment that combines refinement and a laid-back vibe will meet you as you climb to the rooftop. It offers delicious cuisine and sweets.


LOCATION: Block C 3, Gulberg III, Lahore.

 PRICE: PKR 2599 + tax