Dinner Buffets In Islamabad

Best Dinner Buffets In Islamabad

The quality food cuisines, other than the stunning mountains, are also the reason to make people’s visit to Islamabad more nostalgic. When it comes to a delightful food buffet, Islamabad is not legging behind the race. The vibrant food scene of the capital city is always on. If you are a food fanatic and striving for the best dinner buffets in the city, here is the list of the top 10 buffets in Islamabad.

List of Top 10 Dinner Buffets In Islamabad in 2024

  1. La Montana Restaurant
  2. Chilman Restaurant
  3. Des Pardes
  4. Khyber Hujra
  5. TKR Restaurant
  6. Tuscany Courtyard
  7. BBQ Tonight
  8. Yum Chinese & Thai
  9. Tandori Restaurants
  10. Rakaposhi Height Restaurant

1.La Montana Restaurant

Imagine having a delicious dinner at a place where both the view and food make your visit an unforgettable moment of life. Yes, you can live that memorable moment at La Montana Restaurant Islamabad. The restaurant offers a stunning view of hills where you may have a wide range of mouthwatering food with your loved ones. The dinner buffet consists of soup serving, live stations, main courses, and whatnot. The place also offers an iftar buffet. If you are searching for top dinner buffets in Islamabad, visit this place.

La Montana Restaurant buffet

Address: Margalla Hills، 9 KM, Pir Sohawa Road, Islamabad

Contact: (051) 2898226

2. Chilman Restaurant

Chilman is a prominent buffet restaurant in Islamabad. It guarantees a fusion of local and international flavors that promise a variety of tastes. Its lunch and dinner buffets present indigenous and continental food that will take you into the food universe. If you want to dive into delightful culinary foods, Chilman restaurant offers the best buffets dinner in Islamabad.

Chilman Restaurant in islamabad

Address: Ramzan Plaza, Mangla Rd, G-9 Markaz G 9 Markaz G-9, Islamabad, Territory 44090

Contact: (051) 2284646

3. Des Pardes

Des Pardes is one of the best dinner buffets in Islamabad. It has noteworthy dinner and lunch buffets that will take you into a food realm. From local curry dishes to international cuisines, Des Pardes is the epitome of excellent culinary foods. The place is famous for having the best iftar buffets in the town. Moreover, its hospitable ambiance makes this place more popular in the capital territory.

Des Pardes

Address: Saidpur village Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan-46000

Contact: (051) 2320009

4. Khyber Hujra

Khyber Hujra is a notable buffet destination in the capital territory. The restaurant specializes in almost all varieties of cuisines. It is known for its Special Beef Chapli Kabab, Angara Chicken, and BBQ Platter. It’s kheer and Russian salad adds more colors in the evening. If you want to celebrate your dinner with family, just give a try to this place.

Khyber Hujra dinner buffet

Address: Khyber Hujra, G-9/1, Street 36, Islamabad

Contact: 0333 777 6686 / 051-2853333

5. TKR Restaurant

TKR (Tahir Khan Restaurant) Restaurant is famous for its extensive array of dishes, especially the blend of Afghani and Pakistani dishes. If you want to spend your time in the beauty of nature, TKR can fulfill your choice. The place is located in the greenery of Shakarparian having a desi sitting arrangement. The place is also conducive for iftar gatherings and offers the best food to those who observe fasting. If you want to witness the best dinner buffets in Islamabad, TKR would be the right place to visit.

TKR restaurant in islamabad

Address: Shakarparian Rd, Islamabad

Phone: 0304 1110857

6. Tuscany Courtyard

Tuscany Courtyard is a renowned Italian buffet restaurant that fascinates food lovers across the city. This restaurant has two branches in the city. They promise the best Italian taste that people have ever witnessed. They also attract people for their Hi-Tae and other items. Their Iftar Buffets also promise Italian Salad at Salad Bar. If you want to break your fast or come for dinner, Tuscany would be a great choice.

Tuscany Courtyard dinner buffet

Address: Kohsar Market, Street 10, Islamabad

Contact (051) 8445544

7. BBQ Tonight

BBQ Tonight is a special mention in the list for its best iftar buffet. If you are looking for a place to break your fasting, BBQ Tonight is the best dinner buffets in Islamabad. Its delightful culinary experience provides the best desi cuisines.

BBQ Tonight islamabad

Address: Embassy Rd, Block A G 6/3 Blue Area, Islamabad

Contact: (051) 8317132

8. Yum Chinese & Thai

Yum Chines $ Thai is a distinguished buffet restaurant in the capital. After Lahore, Yum Chinese $ Thai opened in Islamabad. Yum is famous for its vibrant and welcoming environment. This place will take you on a food venture where you can find Chinese, Thai, and Pakistani cuisines. Experience their selection of desserts in Ramzam as it also offers a tempting iftar buffet.

Yum Chinese & Thai

Address: Street 16, F-7, Islamabad

Contact: 0311 1122102

9. Tandori Restaurants

Tandori is one of the oldest buffet restaurants in Islamabad. It has multiple branches in the capital city. Its buffet menu includes Chinese, traditional, and continental cuisines and the dishes are carefully and professionally curated. Their iftar buffet with reasonable prices fascinates people to this place. If you want to spend your iftar time at a good spot, give a try to this place.

Tandori Restaurants

Address: Khursheed Market, Street No 25, F-10, Islamabad

Contact: (051) 2105566

10.Rakaposhi Height Restaurant

Rakaposhi Height is one of the most recognized restaurants in the capital territory. It will give you a rooftop buffet dinner experience which is what makes this place a top-notch spot in the city. The eatery is much acknowledged for its best Afghani and Chinese dishes. Therefore, all food enthusiasts should visit this place and enjoy their tempting selection of foods.

Rakaposhi Height Restaurant islamabad

Address: F-7 Markaz, Islamabad

Contact: (051) 2723085

These dinner buffet menus encompass all the varieties of food to cater to the demands of food lovers. These places not only provide mouthwatering dishes but also ensure that the customer is also enjoying the aesthetics of the place. Therefore, the above-mentioned selected list provides what people are exactly looking for.

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