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10 Top Famous Foods in Pakistan in 2022

Pakistani cuisine is known throughout the world for being flavorful, ghee-rich, and spicy. We’re going to look at some famous foods in Pakistan that you should learn about! There are many different types of the greatest desi food to be found in Pakistan, however, some dishes are on the list of the top 10 most loved Pakistani foods because they have an enduring impact on people’s hearts. You will have a life-changing experience by eating this delightful desi Pakistani food because desi Pakistani foods are so heart-warming.

below are the famous foods in Pakistan


Pakistani cuisine and biryani are inextricably linked. Without its surroundings, no Pakistani dining experience is complete. Despite being essentially a South Indian food, Pakistanis love it, hence it has gained enormous popularity. Any type of meat and rice are used to make it. Here, biryani was produced using a variety of systems, styles, and recipes, including mutton, aloo, Sindhi, tikka, and aloo biryani. Pulao follows it as a result. Due to the diversity of society and geographic contrasts, it has a wide variety of structures and cooking styles.

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This meal is made of marinated, grilled, and roasted whole lamb or chicken and is from the Balochistan region of Pakistan. The beef in this ultimate taste bomb has been roasted to a distinctive and smoky taste. It is often eaten with rice that has been cooked inside it and traditional Kaak bread.

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Nihari is a dish from Delhi that is prepared by simmering beef and bone marrow for several hours. It is regarded as the best Indian food in Pakistan and the Old Delhi breakfast, which is still very popular there today. People often have nihari for breakfast on the weekends with crispy parathas or khameeri roti because they crave it in the morning when they are hungry. Garlic, lemon, green chilies, and fried onion are put on top of the nihari when it is served. Nihari is a delicacy that meat lovers will adore.

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The Beef Kebab, which is perfectly grilled, well-seasoned beef, is another well-known dish from Pakistan. Onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers are commonly used as kebab sticks. Beef kebabs can be consumed on their own, with warm pita, or with rice that has been flavored with herbs.

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Haleem, a further pot dish from Pakistan, takes a long time to make. Grain, barley, and ground beef are among the Pakistani ingredients included in it (mutton, beef, or chicken). The preparation typically takes a long time since the beans and special spices need time to combine completely with the minced meat. The end result is a peculiar and delectable paste that will save your appetite.

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This hot meat patty is a Pashtun dish created from a mixture of minced beef or mutton. Ingredients including chopped parsley and fenugreek seeds, green chiles, and mint give chapli kabab its distinctive flavor. Chapli kabab originated mostly in Peshawar, although it is now a popular Pashtun and Balochi dish.

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Prior to getting baked or grilled, the boneless chicken being used in Chicken Tikka is marinated in spices and a yogurt-like substance called Dahi. It can be presented on sticks or a sizzling dish. Although generally eaten alone, chicken tikka is also delicious with naan bread.

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Paaye is yet another dish from Pakistani cuisine that is prepared slowly. Several hours, and frequently overnight, are required for the cooking of several fundamental ingredients including onions, curries, and spices.

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In Pakistan, a unique morning meal called halwa puri is served. Although it mostly comes from Punjab, it is well-known throughout the world for both its delicious flavor and its vibrant color. While Puri is produced with wheat flour that is then deep fried in oil, Halwa is a sweet yet widely consumed meal that mostly uses Suji, a type of flour and sugar.

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Samosas are intended to be consumed as a quick snack, but they are rather filling, so if you don’t monitor your portions, they could ruin the main meals! They mostly consist of flour-dusted triangle-shaped fillings encased in cooked potatoes, chili peppers, and finely chopped herbs. They can also be ordered stuffed with ground lamb, chicken, or beef.

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