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famous Food Street in Karachi in 2023

We sure know pretty much everything there is to know about the scrumptious universe of street food. Also, today, we’re eager to impart to you my own interpretation of the 10 best food street in Karachi that will tempt your taste buds and leave you hankering for more. Karachi, the city of lights, is known for its energetic culture and mouth-watering road food. From fresh samosas to fiery biryanis, the roads of Karachi are a food darling’s heaven. As somebody who has concentrated on the food scene in Karachi broadly, we’ve found a few unlikely treasures and famous areas of interest that offer the most flavorful street food in the city.

10 Best Street Food in Karachi

  • Bun Kebab
  • Ghousia Nalli Biryani
  • Nihari
  • Lacha Paratha
  • Gol Gappay
  • Faloda
  • Gola Ganda
  • Pani Pori & Chaat
  • Meerut Famous kabab Paratha
  • Arabi Parathey

1.Bun Kabab

Super Biryani and Bun Kabab is the one of the best street food in karachi. Their renowned bun kababs are tasty and reasonable, making it an extraordinary choice for a fast feast. Alongside the bun kababs, they additionally offer other food choices and the biryani is certainly worth difficult. The guest plans are open to, making it an incredible spot to get something to eat with companions or family. In the event that you’re nearby, Bun Kebab – Super Biryani and Bun Kabab House is certainly worth a visit.

Food Street in Karachi

Address. Super Biryani , shop no 1A to 3A , Outram Rd pakistan Chowk karachi 74200

2.Ghousia Nalli Biryani

The most Amazing food street in Karachi is Ghousia Nalli Biryani . The taste of Dish is very best equality. Ghousia Nalli Biryani in Liaquatabad, Karachi is a must-visit for anybody searching for the best Pakistani Nalli biryani. The café is little and comfortable, however the food is totally scrumptious and the part measures are liberal. The staff are cordial and inviting, and the biryani is brimming with flavor. The most common way of requesting is basic – pay at the counter, take a token, and give it to the server – and the stand by is certainly worth the effort.  

ghousia nalli biryani


Javed Nihari is the one of the Amazing food street  in Karachi, popular for its delectable Nihari. Albeit the air and administration could be improved, the food is most certainly worth difficult. The café is definitely not a fancy foundation, however the flavor of the food and the fast help compensates for it. Nonetheless, the family sitting region and generally climate could be better. Assuming you’re searching for a decent tasting nihari, Javed Nihari is most certainly worth a visit, however remember that the climate and administration may not depend on par.


4.Lacha Paratha

Quetta Alamgir in Karachi is the most famous street food spot for breakfast, particularly on the off chance that you seriously love lacha paratha. The Chaney and Cheddar omelet was additionally delightful, while the halwa was new and delicious. The staff is amicable and obliging, yet the vibe is simply normal. The costs are sensible, making it an extraordinary spot for a family breakfast. While the chai could utilize some improvement, the mark parathas and new malai are certainly worth difficult.

lacha paratha

5.Gol Gappay

We attempted the Meethi Pani Poori at Mashallah Shadab Gol Gappay and Talk and it was essentially delightful! This was the  Famous food street in karachi. Water had a novel taste, which we later found out was because of the utilization of Rai in the recipe. We energetically suggest attempting the Gol Gappay and Meethi Pani Poori at this spot yet be cautioned, you will not have the option to duplicate their recipe at home! Generally, we most certainly urge you to check them out, assuming you assume you appreciate gol gappay like us.

gol gappay


The top food street in karachi is also Faloda Frozen yogurt is an extraordinary spot to visit for a reviving treat, particularly during the blistering summers of Karachi. Their Exceptional Falooda is strongly suggested and their range of flavors, including Shreefaa and Kajoo, make for incredible mixes. The external seating region is additionally valued by clients. Despite the fact that their rates might be somewhat higher, their unique taste and flavors make it worth the visit.


7.Gola Ganda.

Mom Gola Ganda and Dhoraji Darbar Food Focuses offer the absolute best gola ganda in Karachi. The cup of shaved ice is loaded with different flavors, and the expansion of velvety comelle on top makes it much more delectable. The help likewise incorporates keeping a cool temperature for the gola ganda. While the way to the café can be blocked, it’s certainly worth the excursion for this delectable treat. So this was the also most visiting food street in karachi. 

gola ganda

8.Pani Pori & Chaat

We as of late visited Karachi Pani Puri and Chaat and were amazed by the heavenly Pani Puri and Chaat they offer. The Channa Chaat and Gol Gappa Chaat is the most papular street food in karachi were especially imperative, with an ideal equilibrium of flavors that left me needing more. The assistance was speedy and amicable, and the environment was enthusiastic and dynamic. In general, it was an extraordinary encounter and we would energetically prescribe it to anybody seeking fulfill their desires for some delightful Pani Puri and Chaat.

pani pori & chaat

9.Meerut Famous kabab Paratha.

Meerut Well known Kabab Paratha is an astounding spot to hang out for supper. It is perhaps of the most seasoned café in Karachi and has gained notoriety for more than 15 years. Conventional and zesty food like Seekh Kabab, Boti, Tikka, Parathay, and so forth. is just exceptional concerning taste and quality. They have as of late redesigned their guest plan with an extraordinary feeling. It is energetically prescribed for anybody hoping to attempt legitimate Pakistani cooking.

meerut famous kabab paratha

10.Arabi Parathey

arabi parathey

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