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Best Street Food Restaurants in Lahore 2024

The center of Pakistan is Lahore. All Pakistanis frequent Lahore’s prominent food street in lahore since they offer the finest of everything, from cultural attractions to delectable cuisine.

There is nothing that compares to Lahore’s Anarkali food street, especially when it comes to food. Lahore is called the “city of food” for its luscious regional cuisine from India. Rich in taste and radiating perfection. Here are Lahore’s best street food establishments, where you may enjoy delectable dishes.

List of Top 10 Anarkali Food Street Lahore Restaurants

Anarkali Food Street is famous for its desi food with a delectable taste.

Following are the top 10 best Anarkali food street Restaurants in 2024.

1. Mehar Foods Anarkali
2. Ayoub kabab Restaurant
3. Hasni Hussaini Hotel
4. Umami Biryani
5. AFC
6. H24 Restaurant
7. Bukhara Restaurant Anarkali
8. Anarkali Restaurant
9. Pardesi Restaurant
10.Yasir Broast Old Anarkali Food Street

1. Mehar Foods Anarkali

Mahar Foods is one of the top-rated food Street shops in Anarkali. It is the right choice to begin your day with a finger-licking, delicious Lahori breakfast. It has takeaway as its street food corner with no appropriate place to eat. But no one can resist its food. The menu includes breakfast and afternoon meals, including Bong Paye, Channy, Andy, Makhni Daal, and pulao. Mehar Foods Anarkali never compromised on the taste.

Mehar Foods Anarkali

Contact: 0345 5318007
Location: shop no 39, old Anarkali Food St, Anarkali Bazaar Lahore

2. Ayoub kabab Restaurant

Ayoub Khan restaurant is a fine place to eat dinner with family and friends as it has a beautiful and elegant indoor dining hall and outdoor dining setup. The ambiance of Ayoub Khan restaurant is fine and calming. The main item on its menu includes all Pakistan’s desi dishes, like Biryani Mutton Karahi, mutton keema, chicken karahi, Haleem seekh kebab, Reshmi Kabab, and more. The prices are pretty fair with quick services,

Ayoub kabab Restaurant

Contact: 0340 7444567
Location: H885+GQX, Anarkali Food St, Sunehri Mandi Lahore

3. Hasni Hussaini Hotel

Hasni Husaini Hotel is a local Pakistani restaurant in Anarkali Food Street. It serves tasty Pakistani cuisines indulged with spices and flavors. The Ambience is fine, and the services are quick, as it has takeaway and delivery options. The main menu items are Aloo keema, Chicken Karahi, and Naan. Visit it for a quick, delicious meal to make your day.

Hasni Hussaini Hotel

Contact: 0345 0432876
Location: H885+9PX, Anarkali Food St, Anarkali Bazaar Lahore,

4. Umami Biryani

Umami Biryani is a top-Rated biryani corner in Anarkali Food Street. It has outstanding Biryani with delectable taste and presentation. The rice, spices, and color everything is perfect about this Biryani. The place has a fine ambiance with quick services. It is famous for its heavenly delicious Chicken Biryani.

Umami Biryani

Contact: 0312 4812644
Location: Old Anarkali Food, Street, Lahore

5. AFC

The AFC is a family restaurant with cheap prices and a finger-licking taste. Lahore AFC has a range of deals and discounts. The food is made with fresh ingredients. The main items on its menu are Chicken Burger, Chicken Naan, Cheese Naan, Pizza Fries, Hot wings, Seekh kabab, Stuff crust pizza, Chicken Achari pizza, and more. AFC has another branch in Iqbal Town, Lahore. Its food is luscious at reasonable rates.

Contact: 0300 4797544
Location: Food Street, R-26, S-75, Old Anarkali Rd, Lahore

6. H24 Restaurant

H24 restaurant is a fast food restaurant in Food Street Lahore. It has rooftop dining and a kid’s play area with lightning. The ambiance of the restaurant is super, and the services are fast. The main items on its menu are zinger Shawarma, Chicken Shawarma, chicken burger, chicken patty burger, Mamtu, Ravian Chicken with fried rice, King Pong Chicken, Tower burger, Tandoori special pizza, and more. It is a perfect solution to cravings.

H24 Restaurant

Contact: 0301 4404404
Location: Old Anarkali Rd, Anarkali Bazaar Lahore

7. Bukhara Restaurant Anarkali

Bukhara Restaurant Anarkali is a quick place to visit and eat delicious food with a delectable taste. The ambiance is good and has an indoor and open-air dining setup. The main items on its menu are BBQ Platter, Mixed Grill BBQ, drumsticks, Chicken Malai, Chicken handi, Sajji with rice, Beef Tikka, Kalawngi Naan, Khameri Roti, Chicken cheese Kabab, Chicken Reshmi Kabab and more. It also offers various family deals with discounts. The services are nice, and the staff is kind.

Bukhara Restaurant Anarkali

Location: Bukhara restaurant, Tourist St, Anarkali Bazaar Lahore,

8. Anarkali Restaurant

The Anarkali restaurant is a local street restaurant serving tempting food with a finger-licking taste. Anarkali restaurant is famous for its desi food and species. The ambiance is fine, with quick services. It has takeaway and delivery options, too. The main items on its menu are BBQ, Chicken biryani, Seekh kabab, Karahi, Mutton karahi, and more. The food is made soft and served hot.


Contact: 0306 5596042
Location: 35 Nabha Rd, Anarkali Bazaar Lahore

9. Pardesi Restaurant

Paradesi Restaurant is a famous food street restaurant in Anarkali Food Street. It has a fine dining family hall and delicious desi food. The Ambience is fine, and the services are good. Paradesi Restaurant’s menu contains Mutton Karahi, Saag Paratha, Desi Murgh Karahi Chicken, BBQ, and more. The food tastes divine and mouth-watering.

Pardesi Restaurant

Contact: 0300 4201603
Location: H885+9PQ, Food St, Anarkali Bazaar Lahore

10.Yasir Broast Old Anarkali

Yasir Broast, an old Anarkali food street restaurant, is a fine dining family restaurant with quick service and cooperative staff. The Ambience is elegant, with an indoor dining setup. The main items on its menu are Chicken Biryani, Chicken Karahi, Big Mouth Chicken Burger, Chef special Chicken Burger, Garlic Prawns, Mutton Haleem, and more. It has Italian, Chinese, Desi, and Thai dishes with authentic recipes and finger-licking tastes.

Yasir Broast Old Anarkali Food Street

Contact: 0306 0101666
Location: 40 Tourist Street, Old Anarkali Food St, Lahore


Regarding food street Lahore Restaurants, nothing can beat the Anarkali Street Food. It is the oldest food street in Lahore, with authentic desi dishes. K Say Khao has listed the top 10 places to visit in Anarkali Street Food to enjoy the yummiest street food.

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