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Best Fried Chicken Places in Karachi in 2024

Fried Chicken has been a favorite dish to the foodies and preferred since many years by an alternative name in Karachi or you can say all over Pakistan with a name of “Broast”. Deep fried marinated chicken with bread crumbs along with the combinations of sauces and chili, crispy fried patty of Burger is called the Zinger Burger or Fried Chicken or broast. Let’s talk about the top 10 Best Fried Chicken Places or restaurants in Karachi.

1. McDonald

Let’s talk about the world-renowned food brand McDonald when discussion of food is regarding fried chicken, McDonald’s is ahead as a leader, McDonald’s is up to seventeen (17) branches all over Karachi, the best place to visit with your special guests and family members in super hygiene ambiance with owned farmed chicken and self-baked burger buns, although it is a multinational food brand it offers the best value deals on a very reasonable price such as the Share Bag for Four persons along with 4 burgers 6 chicken nuggets, 2 packs of fries and 1.5 Lite cold drink in Rs. 2099/- PKR, A mouthwatering taste of their multiple items such as Hot and Spicy burger, Spicy Chicken burger, Chicken McNuggets, Chicken Mac, Grand Chicken Spicy, McArabia,  and lot on the menu in multiple food verities such as baking items, ice cream, condiments, desserts and more.

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2. OPTP (One Potato Two Potato)

One Potato Two Potato abbreviated as OPTP is vast and speedily extending food chain in Pakistan. Almost 19 franchises are located in different areas of Karachi. OPTP is well-known for special Fries along with signature toppings and sauces that are so delicious for an appetizer which will make you more hungry by the extraordinary taste which will make you think if their fries are so yummy then must be all food items, and your this thinking is not wrong, yes they maintain a specific taste to their foody customer in abundance variety of foods and deals, such as Loaded Bomber Fries, Loaded Nashville Fries, a burger with crispy fried chicken the Shotgun, Southern Zing, premium grilled, deal of Shotgun Fiesta, Fish N Chips, offering deals for two to four persons such as the Shotgun Bag, Econo Double, Chicken bucket and many more.

optp one potato two potato

3. KFC

KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is another leading and multinational Fried Chicken food brand KFC is almost Thirty (30) branches in different locations in Karachi. It is already well-known and admired by various foodies for making fried chicken with perfection. There are no different opinions regarding the taste and quality chicken of from their own farm’s, buns are baked by their own baking facility they serve a super -tasty various recipes making fried items, one of the signature burgers of KFC is the Kentucky burger, and also multiple foods preferred by the foodies that are delicious Krunch burger with crispy and juicy patty, Mighty zinger with double cheese, Zinger Stacker, Kentucky Combo, KFC serves the best deals on affordable prices in their signature boxes.

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4. Kababjees Express.

Kababjees is a big food chain of restaurants in Karachi and Hyderabad, they were first launched at Do Darya DHA Phase 8, Sea Beach with an outstanding sea view ambiance along with the perfection of taste which is always been preferred by the foodie people who choose to go on long drives and tasty meal, Kabajees extended in Bakers and Kabajees Express as fast food & BBQ restaurant chain, which also become the favorite fast food and fried chicken place as this restaurant name “Kababjees” becomes a well-known food brand since long ago similarly Kabjees Express are trending nowadays, specially prepared their crispy zinger patty chicken with mouthwatering taste will melt in your mouths, such as Zingo Burger in a soft bun, Chicken Steak Burger, Texas Chicken Burger, Texas Beef Burger, perfect range of Chinese Delight and the long range of BBQ varieties on a very reasonable rate.

kabajees express in karachi

5. Karachi Broast

Karachi Broast or Fried Chicken is well known Famous restaurant for fast food, it was established in 1982, with the specialty of making the best broasted or fried Chicken in Karachi, by maintaining the specific taste of crispy chicken items it has been a preferable place for meal of fast food with good taste of broast, Karachi broast are now 3 outlets in Karachi, North Nazimabad, Clifton, and Gulshan-e-Iqbal, serves a healthy and clean ambiance to maintain their customer service and satisfaction along with reasonable prices of mouthwatering fried chicken such as Chili Bombs, Full Broast, Quarter Broast, beef mushroom burger, buffalo wings, tender strips, long beef sandwich, chicken gyro and more on the menu.

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6. Jan’s Broast

About a decade ago, Jan’s Broast launched and garnered significant preference among many in Karachi. They serve quality broast or fried chicken, offering a variety of options like Broasted Fish, Chicken Cheese Burger, Broasted Chicken in full, half, and quarter portions, Shwarma Roll, and Chicken Seekh Kabab. Known for its affordable rates and hygienic, delicious food, Jan’s Broast in Saddar is a popular choice for office foodies who regularly visit during lunch breaks for a crispy broasted meal. They offer affordable deals for one, two, three, and four individuals.

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7. Clucky’s Chicken

One of the most delicious and juicy fried chicken, located at DHA Phase 6 Bukhari Commercial Area, a top choice of foodies in DHA for mouthwatering soft crispy fried Chicken, with pleasant and energetic ambiance, and a combination of meals at an affordable rate with supreme quality food such as the deal Messi includes any 3 premium burger any 1 gourmet fries for just rupees. 1550 and the deal of Ronaldo for just rupees. 990 which includes any 2 classic burgers, any 1 gourmet fries and 2 drinks not just that but they serve a variety of specific flavors of burgers such as Cheese Rocker, Chilli Jam, and Mushroom Madness, they serve a combo box a meal for 4 persons under the budget of 2000 rupees. (prices may be vary as per economic condition or their policies)

cluckys chicken in karachi

8. Kaybees

A popular fast food restaurant and preferred for fried chicken in Karachi, almost nine branches of Kaybees are located in different areas, with an awesome pleasant ambiance for families and general get together with friends, and official colleagues whenever you want an outstanding taste of varieties of Fast food such as quarter crispy broast, crispy chicken burger, special Kaybees club sandwich not just that they serve affordable deals with deliciousness such as BBQ Platter as a meal for six to seven persons, a combination of 1 plate malai boti, 1 plate Mughlai boti, 1 plate Chicken Kabab, 1 plate seekh Kabab, and 2 Chicken tikka for only 3955 (disclaimer: prices may vary), and Bhari Scene Deal which includes 1 Double Decker crispy burger, 1 pc fried Chicken along with fries and Drink for just Rs, 825, and many more on the menu.

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9. A-One Snacks

A One Snacks are the Two (2) Branches in Karachi, DHA Phase 2, and DHA Ext: Phase 2, while it is a small food chain and is only located in DHA, one of the most preferred places of fast food outings for the residents of DHA and all over Karachi due to their cozy and energetic ambiance of the restaurant for families and gatherings of friends along with extraordinary meal deals such as they serve the varieties of Chicken burgers, Beef burgers, Fish, Beef and Chicken Rolls, wraps, French fries, sandwiches, Soups, BBQ, Broast, Shwarma, steaks, and many more.

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10. Chicken Food Center

The food center has been popular at Burns Road Karachi, with comfortable dining arrangements for families and bachelors, you may call the Chicken Food Center a must-go place for those who choose to go shopping at Saddar Karachi, and after that, they need a cheerful dinning of the varieties of meals such as desi specialties includes mouthwatering Chicken Biryani, Beef Biryani, Mutton Pulao, Lahori fish, Beef and Mutton Qorma, grilled chicken sandwich, chicken cheese burger, Zinger burger, Broast, Pizza, Pasta, Chinese, and Tandoori and a lot of food varieties on the menu.

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