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Best Luxury Hotels in Islamabad

Presenting you with a high-rated city in Pakistan. This modern city introduces its beauty with gorgeous green trees, fringed grass of Parnassus, Beautiful flowers, chirping birds, lots of cuisines, street café, cozy ambiance restaurants, monuments, historic locations, the top shopping centers, high caliber educational institutions, serene settings, and kind people. Did you get me?

Yes, ofcourse. I am talking about Pakistan’s capital city Islamabad. If you live in Islamabad, it isn’t easy to need a place to stay. Now it is challenging to find the perfect place to stay as you want a peaceful, secure, safe, and convenient wallet. These elements call for a deep investigation; you must agree, right?

But don’t worry because we’ve already provided you with a comprehensive list of hotels in Islamabad.

Read this article, then decide which hotel suits your preferences and tastes.


One of Islamabad’s top hotels is the Serena. There is internet access and horizontal monitors in the opulent bedrooms and suites. Discrete living quarters are added in bedrooms, and some have porches. A complimentary morning buffet and airline transportation are provided without charge. The nine dining options include Middle Eastern cuisine, an elegant provincial meal, and a coffee and a roof deck. Two public pools, a resort offering skincare, a bathtub, and sports are additional features. Workspace for events and functions is offered.

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The spacious, laid-back accommodations provide complimentary internet, television, a kitchenette to terraces, and independent living rooms; suites sometimes contain bubble bathtubs.

There are no fees for registration, meals, or airport transfers. There are several dining options, including a fast-food bistro, a cozy diner, and a barbeque joint with a balcony. Additionally, there is a heated pool, a casino, a fitness Centre, a huge place to relax, a conference room, and a function area.

Ramada by Wyndham Islamabad




The elegant guestrooms, a few of which offer hillside views, include unlimited WIFI, totally flat televisions, minifridges, vaults, and amenities for pouring tea or coffee. Apartments are self-contained dwellings.



4.108 hotel

108 Hotel is one of the finest places to relax or work for anybody. It merges the concept of European and traditional sub-continental lifestyles. It is designed with a modern interior, beautiful lighting, and delicious categories for food. They keep the concept of real luxury in which they consider the ambiance as the first mode of ultimate pleasure for the people in Islamabad and across the country.

From the furniture to a little detail, it has lovely rooms to relax in. The guests get satisfied with the cleanliness, hygiene control, and the hotel staff’s valuable services.

  108 hotel

5. Regalia

Pleasure and comfort seem to be their first priority. Regalia Hotel provides the services for the banquet halls for the multi-purpose. They entertain their guests with multiple categories of food, including their delicious Traditional, Continental, American, Chinese, an Italian dishes. It’s located at the heart of Islamabad, a few kilometers away from the main commercial streets. Regalia Hotel is a frequent place where organizations conduct their meetings and sessions. They have got the pleasure of giving the environment of their rooms to their guests. The Hotel was designed in the Mid-century with a traditional touch on its furniture. They provide a safe environment and a well-trained staff to take good care of the guests.


6. Centaurs

Centaurus is well-known as a shopping hub. It locates at a distance of 3.8 km from the famous mosque of Shah Faisal. It consists of 36 floors. Which, it has some dedicated feet for shopping malls, residences, and offices. On the upper part, it has several floors as a hotel. The hotel accommodates with fitness Centre, central air conditioning, and the free Wi-Fi. It has an indoor pool area, sauna, and other wellness facilities. It gives clear definition of the luxurious lifestyle.



7. Hotel crown

Hotel Crown is one of the selectable options if you’re traveling or want a great place to stay with your partner. It is regarded as being in the city’s heart Blue Area. If you’re the one who needs to move towards the city, then this will be an excellent option to choose because of the metro bus station with a minute’s distance. You can quickly move into the city by the metro bus. Hotel Crown is the place where you avail multiple facilities like Wi-Fi, the parking space and the best part is the breakfast that you’ll be getting as a complimentary. They have options for the deluxe rooms, standard rooms, and luxury suite options to book according to your requirements. This Hotel can cost you way lesser than the other competitive hotels in Islamabad, where you see some of the things that lie in the top-notch luxury Hotels, like a sauna, steam room, spa, and coffee shop.


8. Islamabad hotel

Since the end of 2008, Islamabad Hotel has been in the service of entertaining its guests. The unique structure of the building and a classical and traditional decorations with the simplicity keeps it standing with the lovely places to stay on.

It consists of 131 rooms and eight suites in, which you can avail of the standard rooms, deluxe rooms, and luxury suites. By following the tradition worldwide, they have set the places for BBQ corners, coffee shops, and restaurants with multiple categories for food inside the hotel.

The hotel has started to offer some courses related to hotel management and cooking as well. You can avail of the information through their contact line, where they would be able to assist you with the program.

Islamabad hotel


9. Hotel Margala

The Hotel Margala is one of Islamabad’s three-star hotels.It is situated at the primary location in Islamabad, which is easy to locate and easy to move from. The hotel is well-known for its warm welcome and its top-grade services for its guests.

The peaceful environment and spacious infrastructure give calming impact. The guests experience a pleasant ambiance in their accommodation. The hotel serves multiple regional food cuisines like traditional, French, Chinese, and Italian dishes. If you’re a foodie looking for a good place, this hotel would be a good option. 

Hotel margala


10.Hotel One Jinnah

On the distance of 20 minutes of drive from the Margalla Hills in the capital city of Pakistan, we have a grand and spacious hotel in the I-9 sector Islamabad. The place where you stay with a beautiful overview in front of you. You can move to the green trails and hike towards the beautiful and famous places of Dama-e-Koh or Monal. The Hotel offers the rooms in three categories, including deluxe king rooms, suites, and the executive rooms. The deluxe king room consists of a king-size bed, two single-seated sofas, a wardrobe, a study table with a comfortable chair, a dressing mirror, a fridge and a big flat TV screen, and the air conditioner. The suite includes some of the similar things with the addition of a better ambiance and more space. It has one double sofa as well along with the two single ones. The executive room has a big area in which they have set up a small lounge with additional tables and a little space for coffee or tea. So if you’re good on a budget, Hotel one will be a suitable fit for your visit. Here the list of Top Hotels in Lahore 

hotel one jinnah