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The Best Restaurants for Iftar in Lahore 2024

Iftar Buffet Lahore: Do you think Lahore can ditch you in terms of delicious food, especially in the most awaited month of Ramadan? The holy month Ramadan is here with its blessings to refresh souls and delicious food to enjoy before sunrises and after sunsets. Lahore is the city of food with pretty sights and witty nights. The hype of Lahori food is beyond doubt when it’s about Ramadan. It has many beautiful restaurants with various cuisines, from national to international. You can have whatever you wish for in Lahore.

In Ramadan, many restaurants and cafes shift their clocks with the time of Sehar and Iftar. They offer different deals and packages with pocket-friendly discounts for people to taste the best iftar Buffet in Lahore. Here is the list of the top 10 Iftar buffet restaurants in Lahore to hang out with family and friends during Ramadan and lock memories forever. Their delicious, reasonably priced food is perfect for ordering and filling the tummy. 

List of Top 10 Iftar Buffet Lahore (Updated March 2024)

  1. Haveli restaurant
  2. Spice Bazaar
  3. Monal Lahore
  4. EI Momento
  5. Salt and Pepper Village
  6. LaLQiLa
  7. The Carnival
  8. Bundu Khan
  9. Nadeem Tikka
  10. Tajine – Ramada

1. Haveli Restaurant Lahore

 Haveli is one of the prettiest restaurants in Lahore with a historical side of Badshahi mosque. This is a perfect spot to break your fast looking at the Dazzling sunset while listening to peaceful Azan from the Badshahi mosque. It is located in historic Haveli Khalil Khan with outstanding architectural landmarks.

They contain many cuisines, including Handi, mutton, Takka Tak dishes, Namak Mandi, kebabs, Barbeque, Wings, appetizers, soups, starters, etc. For the blessed month of Ramadan, the restaurant introduced its iftar deals in Lahore and packages like Iftar cum dinner buffet with various dishes and drinks.

It is a must-go place to do Iftar with your family and friends. Its staff is well trained, well-mannered and understanding with great Ambience.

iftar restaurant


Price: 2195+tax/Perhead

Contact: 0300 8414899

Location: Badshahi Mosque, 2170-A Food St Fort Rd, Shahi Mohalla Walled City of Lahore

2. Spice Bazaar Lahore

 Spice Bazaar is one of the famous restaurants in Lahore and delivers quality foods with standard services in the best Ambience. It is a bread taking place with a bunch of food and Iftar Buffet deals in Lahore; it offers super it Buffet, Sunday brunch Buffet, and more. Once again, its back with its Sahar and Iftar dinner buffet with tasty foods, including drink soup and traditional delicacies; Bakery started saree Essentials Meetha, egg station, beverages, and Barbecue pickles in chutneys main courses salad and sweet Spice Bazaar is well known for its reasonable pricing strategy flavourful food.

spice bazaar iftar menu

Price: 3895+tax/Perhead

Contact: 0311 1122103

Location: T-01, Tipu Rd, off MM Alam Road, Lahore


3. Monal Lahore

It is one of the finest restaurants with a great site in the city. Monal Lahore is a contemporary restaurant situated in the tallest building around Liberty. It has managed indoor and outdoor seating arrangements with an extensive range of staff. Its menu is divided into two main categories called Ala Carte and buffets, including foods like Meetybites, bbq and wings, Mediterranean, Thai, Fish, chicken tarragon, fast food, stakes, Continental variety, rice variety, Oriental variety, along with dinner buffet, Sunday brunch, lunch cum hi-tea Buffet. Furthermore, for Ramadan, it mainly introduces an Iftar buffet offering 40% off on car dining and takeaways.

monal iftar buffet


Price: 3190+tax/Perhead

Contact: 042-35789823

Location: Roof Top of Park & Ride Plaza Liberty Round About, Gulberg 3. Lahore 

4. EI Momento Lahore

It is the recent best steakhouse in Lahore with a juicy, fragrant steak. From the presentation to the Ambience, everything is excellent about this restaurant. Its menu contains starters, soup and salad, seafood pasta, steak, Mexican, Cheesy chicken, Poulet Moroccan, and much more. It has introduced Sehar and iftar platters with tasty dishes and drinks. Everyone adores its delicious taste and excellent service. 

best restaurants for iftar in Lahore

Price: 4999+tax/2 person serving

Contact: 03 111 100 315

Location: Ground Floor, Building 43-L2, Mini Market, MM Alam Rd, Block L Gulberg 2, Lahore.

5. Salt and Pepper Village Lahore

Salt and Pepper Village Lahore is a reputable restaurant with innovative design and excellent service. they adopted the idea of a festive Buffet where you can see live cooking. It is a classical place to dine with family and friends and create beautiful memories. It offers various Deals and packages.  Salt and Pepper currently offers a Ramadan Iftar buffet Lahore containing Chinese, Barbecue desserts, Pizza fast food, life tandoor main courses, a salad bar, and a lot more at a reasonable price: salt and pepper village Vibes are energetic and excellent.

salt and pepper n village

Price: 2995+tax/per head

Contact: (042) 35750735

Location: B-103 MM Alam Rd, Block B2 Block B 2 Gulberg III, Lahore

6. LaL QiLa Lahore

It is an enchanting restaurant splendid with Mughal Era courtesy. It is well known for its critical essence combination of glorious past and legendary future. They offer traditional cuisines like Tandoor barbecue and more. It offers Iftar plus dinner buffet dinner second half, and catering packages due to its iconic culture, classical taste, and innovative Outlook; it’s always packed, so before visiting, it’s mandatory to book your table and enjoy dinner along with this. Its understanding staff and peaceful Ambience make it stand out from other restaurants.

lalqila iftar buffet


Price: 2990+tax/per head

Contact: 0304 1115745

Location: 12 Main Boulevard Garden Town, Babar Block Garden Town, Lahore

7. The Carnival Lahore

The Carnival Lahore is an excellent restaurant with all service options; it has a pleasing ambiance, delicious food, and a car atmosphere for the month of Ramzan. It offers a star buffet including many delicious foods covering a Salad station, Pan Asian Continental Pakistani barbecue station, sausage prawns, deserts, and much more at affordable prices.

the carnival restaurant


Price: 2499+tax/per head

Contact: 0317 7775179

Location: 1st Floor, 118 P Block MM Alam Rd, Block P Gulberg 2, Lahore

8. Bundu Khan Lahore

It is an excellent restaurant wide variety of food. It offers different deals, and its menu is full of delicious food. Its branches are in various cities of Pakistan, with its head office in Lahore, a socially active restaurant. You can download its app to play orders and be updated about the latest discounts and deals. Its food is good-looking and finger-licking at the same time; currently, it offers Ramzan passive deals like Shahi Ramzan Iftar dinner buffet and more. Bundu Khan never compromises on its taste and ambiance.

bundu khan iftar buffet

Price: 1399+tax/per head

Contact: (042) 35723300

Location: CCA, 209, Sector FF DHA Phase 4, Lahore

9. Nadeem Tikka Lahore

Who can visit the spicy juicy tikka made in sausage specially made with organic spices? Nadeem Tikka restaurant is well-maintained, comfortable, and has fair prices and well-prepared meals. It keeps customer satisfaction, quality, and the first stand; Nadeem Tikka is well known for its finger-licking food making your mood. Its menu contains letters, deals, soups, seafood, and fish Barbecue Chinese desi biryani Tandoori. More it offers Iftar Buffet at affordable prices you will surely enjoy.

nadeem tikka iftar buffet for ramadan

Price: 2199+tax/per head

Contact: 03214889967

Location: 226-A3 Gulberg III Gurumangat Road near 7up Bridge, Lahore

10.Tajine – Ramada Lahore

It is an all-rounder restaurant serving Thai, Chinese Continental Pakistani barbecue cuisines. It Deserts is a fancy place with healthy manner staff and an executive chef. It’s delicious food rich in flavor and will make you Crave more every time; it is the best place to visit and enjoy your time while eating great fooItst’s Ambience and Aroma satisfy the sound as its food satisfies The Hunger it’s Iftar dinner menu, which is assorted between deserts drinks and desi food. More you must visit it and be aware of its economically friendly Buffet.

tajine ramada

Price: 3499+tax/per head                                     

Contact: +92 (042) 111 600 111

Location: 24-N, Gulberg II, Lahore 54660, Pakistan

The list above contains the best restaurants in Lahore with pocket-friendly Sehar and Iftar deals KFC. The website Ksaykhao shortlisted these restaurants of Lahore for you to visit and roam around delicious food in Lahore.