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  • Location Fatima Jinnah Road, Karachi 75530 Pakistan
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Avari Towers, Fujiyama Restaurant

The Fujiyama has revolutionized Japanese cuisine in Karachi with its black and red lacquer, stylish décor, and, most importantly, its traditional Japanese food. A sequence of intricate and exquisitely flavorful hot and cold dishes served in gorgeous pottery and lacquer ware after a selection of highly fresh sashimi and little appetizers to tantalize the palate.

Teppen-yaki, a variety of dishes prepared on hot steel tables in front of you, is one option on the menu. For those who prefer BBQ or grilled foods, there is also grilled beef or prawn teriyaki. There is an unmatched range of seafood aficionados, including grilled squid, tuna steaks, prawn tempura, and spicy seafood carpaccio with garlic and olive oil. Dessert options include tempura ice cream, seasonal fruits, and banana spring rolls. You may also enjoy some iced coffee, lemon tea, or fresh juices.



Avari Towers, Fujiyama Restaurant

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Fatima Jinnah Road, Karachi 75530 Pakistan,Karachi



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