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  • Location Zamzama Commercial Lane # 3, Karachi Pakistan
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Chatterbox Cafe succeeds in maintaining its distinctive individuality. This café is the ideal place to meet up with casual acquaintances. The cozy, welcoming atmosphere of the wooden interior is only enhanced by the outstanding collection of coffee table literature, cookbooks, and catalogs. The sandwiches here are made with big slices of grilled chicken breast and a lot of feta cheese and come with fries. The Moroccan-style grilled chicken was composed of two pieces of roasted chicken breast served with a mound of buttery rice and drizzled with Moroccan olive oil. Asparagus, mushrooms, peppers, and other vegetables in an oriental manner are used as garnishes on the dish. Despite the large selection of juices, smoothies, and other non-alcoholic drinks that cafe Chatterbox offers, the lemonade with mint has a terrific flavor.



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Zamzama Commercial Lane # 3, Karachi Pakistan,Karachi



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