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Jamil’s Foods Centre Close Now

  • Location 136, CP Barar Society, Block 7/8, Dhoraji, Karachi
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Jamil’s Food Centre in Karachi

Having a plain day? Make it memorable with Jamil’s Food Centre’s delicious Beef White Biryani and Beef Chili Dry! Uplift your taste buds with the revitalizing taste of their special Dhaaga Kabab, Chicken White Karahi, and their best-rated Chicken Makhni Handi! Head over with your friends and family and enjoy a fabulous, mouthwatering treat!

Apart from the tantalizing menu, they have some of the best festive deals for all occasions; from Ramadan to Eid, they have you covered.


Jamil’s Foods Centre

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136, CP Barar Society, Block 7/8, Dhoraji, Karachi,Karachi



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