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  • Location Main Double Road, PWD Housing Society Sector B PWD Society, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
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KFC PWD Housing Society Islamabad


KFC is a beacon for people looking for world-famous fried chicken, located in the bustling city of Islamabad, Pakistan, The KFC PWD branch in Islamabad is distinguished from the other KFC locations by providing a unique combination of global meals and local charm.

kfc fast food restaurant


The Ambiance

Located in the center of PWD Colony, KFC’s presence here is evidence of the company’s dedication to serving all kinds of communities with its wonderful menu. firstly The branch’s modern design connects perfectly with the surrounding environment, serving as a tribute to the combination of modernity and tradition. The enticing red and white decor, coupled with the irresistible aroma of fried chicken, draws both visitors and locals alike into the captivating environment.

A Dining Adventure

KFC, which is popular throughout the world for its tasty and crispy fried chicken, has modified its menu to appeal to Pakistani diners while maintaining its unique taste. The PWD branch has a wide menu with delicious options ranging from spicy Hot Wings to traditional Zinger Burgers. The original KFC recipes are combined with national spices and flavors to create an eating experience that meets the wide range of tastes between the Pakistani community.

Local tastes Infused

The KFC PWD branch stands out for its dedication to bringing local flavors to the menu. This branch’s preparation effectively blends traditional Pakistani spices into the sauces and coatings, giving them an excellent combination of local and global flavors. A local favorite, the Spicy Zinger Burger, perfectly exemplifies this combination with its delicious chicken fillet wrapped in a hot mixture that attracts all the senses.

Community Engagement

The KFC PWD location does more for the neighborhood than just providing tasty food. With activities like charity drives and event sponsorships, the branch aims to be more than just a fast-food restaurant. they focus on the community not only helps people feel like they belong but also makes KFC a vital element of PWD Colony’s social system.

Innovative Offerings

The KFC PWD location offers more than just the regular menu items. The menu is often changing to keep eating for regular clients interesting and new.  They are adding new dipping sauce options and adding local flavor to side dishes.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

The KFC PWD branch takes great pleasure in being a family-friendly place. It serves families seeking a comfortable dining experience with a large seating space and a lively play area for children. The welcoming and helpful staff adds to the ambiance, which makes it a popular place for gatherings and family vacations.


In the heart of Islamabad’s PWD Colony, the KFC branch stands as a symbol of cultural fusion with local preferences. They are serving delicious fried chicken. The KFC PWD branch’s culinary adventure aims to create a sense of community by promoting shared experiences. The PWD location continues to stand as a testament to KFC’s dedication to offering a worldwide dining experience with a hint of Pakistan  Therefore, stopping by the KFC PWD branch promises a tasty adventure that celebrates the best of both worlds, whether you’re a guest or a local loving Islamabad.


KFC PWD Housing Society Islamabad

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Main Double Road, PWD Housing Society Sector B PWD Society, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory,Islamabad



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