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  • Location Carnival Area Site No. 1, Bahria Town, Karachi Pakistan
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Real Taste Istanbul Grill

Do you want to taste something unique? On the menu of Istanbul Grill Karachi, a loon is a must-have. In the heart of Karachi’s Bahria Town, Karachi’s Carnival Area, and Bahria Town sits Istanbul Grill, an authentic Turkish restaurant. Whether you’re craving hand-cut Lamb Sis Kebabs or empty bread (magmas) with hummus, our food will gratify any pallet. They will be curious when you visit Istanbul Grill because of the fragrant aromas, fresh ingredients, and welcoming atmosphere. Give your taste buds the best combination of Afghan, Turkish, and Pakistani cuisine at Istanbul Grill, crafted by skilled chefs. Bring your family and friends to have a delicious supper in Bahria Town Karachi’s opulent setting.


Real Taste  Istanbul Grill

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Carnival Area Site No. 1, Bahria Town, Karachi Pakistan ,Karachi



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