The 10 Best National Food of Pakistan in 2024 | National Dish of Pakistan

If the national food of Pakistan remains a mystery to you, you’re in for a culinary adventure!

In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of the finest food in Pakistan for you to explore, showcasing the renowned exotic flavors and tasty dishes that define Pakistani cuisine.

We’ve covered every category, from mouthwatering breakfast options to delectable sweet dishes and flavorful chicken and meat dishes.

The food of Pakistan is diverse and full of flavors, showcasing the best of Punjab’s hotpot dishes to Sindh’s curries and a lot.

Join us as we hunt the best national food series of Pakistan.

list of Best 10 National food Pakistan

1. halwa puri
2. nihari
3. karahi
4. haleem
5.mutton korma
7.gajar ka halwa
9. paaye
10. tikka

1.Halwa Puri

The Halwa Puri is a beloved Pakistani breakfast dish, uniting sweet and savory elements. It comprises Halwa, a sweet semolina pudding, and fried flatbread Puri.

This dish is special in Pakistani cuisine and is cherished at weddings, religious events, and as a popular street food.

Aloo Chana, a potato and chickpea dish, often accompanies Halwa Puri for a satisfying and traditional meal.

For decorating and texture, Halwa is used to serve with almonds and pistachios topping.

halwa puri

2. Nihari

Whenever you search for the national dish of Pakistan, Google takes you to Nihari.

It is a flavorful stew (cooked in a hotpot with Currie) that starts with a mix of dry spices sizzling in vegetable oil and animal fat.

Tender beef shank and Desi Ghee (butter) are added and cooked gently on low flame to create a thick and rich texture. Its vibrant crimson color comes from the spices and ghee.

Nihari is typically served with sliced ginger, green chilies, and fresh lime pieces on communal platters. For an authentic taste, visit renowned eateries like Waris Nihari in Lahore or Javed Nihari in Karachi.


3. Karahi

No, any lunch or dinner buffet miss Karahi in their menu. Whether it’s a tiny roadside Dhaba or the grand kitchen of a restaurant, you’ll find Karahi being prepared with love.

The main ingredients typically include goat meat, although chicken or shrimp can also be used. What makes Karahi unique is that people cook and serve it in a metal utensil (Karahi), arriving sizzling hot to your table.

Most Pakistani Karahi recipes start with tomatoes, onions, and yogurt. The tomato base imparts a rich umami flavor, with smoky notes, tender meat, spices, and a generous amount of yogurt or cream.

Karahi is truly an iconic Pakistani dish, available all over the country.


4. Haleem

It’s another national dish influenced by the Middle East. Haleem is a must on every menu and a special dish on religious days. It’s a thick liquid dish prepared using barley, pulses, and chickpeas, slow-cooked to perfection for a homemade taste.

Ingredients like fried onions, mint, chilies, and masala spices are added for garnishing and flavor. Haleem is an ideal choice for breakfast or an early lunch, providing a boost of energy for the day.

Enjoy a satisfying meal with roti, rice, or bread (Nann). If you’re in the Old Lahore area, you can savor delicious Haleem or the famous cozy Haleem in Hyderabad.


5. Mutton Korma

Mutton Korma is a cherished Punjabi dish that’s a must-try for a taste of tradition. This tasty curry features tender pieces of sheep or goat meat cooked in a rich, dark red spice blend, offering a flavorful and satisfying experience.

Mutton curries hold a special place in people’s hearts, from the snowy peaks of Pakistan’s Himalayas to the southern regions of the Indian Sub-Continent.

The same recipe and flavors can be used to cook Korma with chicken as well. If you find yourself in Lahore, don’t pass by without tasting the exceptional mutton korma at Khan Baba restaurant a popular food in Pakistan you won’t want to miss!

mutton korma

6. Rabri

How can we miss sweet dishes in the list of top national foods?

Rabri, a delightful dessert, is made using condensed milk. What sets it apart is its unique texture – it’s not smooth; instead, it has some strands like the string cheese in the sweet pudding.

You can’t say no to this dish. If you have a sweet tooth, you mustn’t leave Burns Road Karachi food street without trying it and Haji Rabri too.


7. Gajjar Ka Halwa

Everyone loves to mention Gajjar Ka Halwa as their favorite winter dish. The essential ingredients for making Gajjar Ka Halwa include carrots, milk, ghee (butter), and nuts for garnishing.

These ingredients are delicious and packed with proteins, vitamins, calcium, and magnesium, contributing to overall health.

While you can find Gajjar Ka Halwa in every bakery or small stall across Pakistan, we highly recommend trying it in the Punjab region. They’re experts in this dish.

gajjar ka halwa

8. Biryani

Biryani is the beloved national food of our country. It’s more than a dish; it symbolizes the country’s diverse food culture.

From Karachi to Lahore to across Pakistan, you’ll find biryani on every table once a week. With every bite, you experience diverse traditional flavors.

So, when you enjoy Biryani in Pakistan, remember that you’re not just having a meal – you’re into the country’s flavors, diversity, and unity.


9. Paaye

Known for its rich flavors and benefits, it is a renowned Pakistani dish. People of Karachi and Punjab love to enjoy this meal even on normal days with fresh hot bread (Nann).

Paaye takes time to cook to make the tendons and cartilage juicy and easy to chew, while the red curry broth enhances the taste. It’s a must-try in Pakistan.


10. Tikka

People prepare Tikka uniquely as a Central Asian dish. Large marinated meat or chicken chunks cooked over an open flame.

It has a rich history, once enjoyed as the traditional dish of royal families. Today, Pakistani tikkas remain exceptionally popular, particularly at roadside BBQs in significant cities.

This flavorful, spicy, juicy Tikka captivates both locals and visitors.



The given listing – national food of Pakistan confirms the rich diversity of flavorful dishes.

Each plate tells a story of cultural heritage and taste, from the beloved breakfast treat, Halwa Puri, to the comforting Nihari and traditional Mutton Korma.

We enjoy the sweet Rabri and Gajjar Ka Halwa while Biryani unites us all. Paaye and Tikka add their unique flavors to our menu.

As we enter 2024-2025, let’s continue savoring the unity and diversity in Pakistan’s national food.

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