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The 10 Best Clifton Restaurants Karachi 2023

Restaurants in Clifton Karachi are a fusion of Chinese, Italian, Thai, and Traditional cuisines. Clifton Beach is a place with dazzling views and captivating sights. There are many Restaurants with delicious, tasty foods and iconic ambience. Restaurants in Clifton make you eat with the standard.

Following are the top 10 Restaurants in Clifton Karachi to visit and enjoy delicious food with beautiful sights.

1.Dua Restaurant Clifton
2.Bar B.Q Tonight Clifton
3.Xander's Clifton
4.Cafe Aylanto
5.Casa Villa
6.Alaska Restaurant
7.Cafe Flo
8.Newbury Cafe
9.Special Salateen Restaurant
10.Ridan Clifton Branch

1.Dua Restaurant Clifton

Dua Restaurant is the best place to eat under the sky. The ambience is super as it’s closer to the beach with a windy environment. Dua Restaurant’s food is wholesome. The main items on its menu are BBQ Platter, Brain Masala, Chicken Karahi, Mutton Red Karahi, Lamb karahi, Mutton Peshawari karahi, Mutton Chops, Tawa ice cream and more. The taste is toothsome and cooked fresh. It has excellent services and quick staff.

dua restaurant clifton

Location: Palm Beach Homes, Block 2 Clifton, Karachi,
Contact: 0310 1122201

2.Bar B.Q Tonight Clifton

Bar B.Q Tonight Clifton is a famous place to dine. It has a pretty ambience with the best quality food. The main items on its menu are mutton ribs, brain masala, Hummus plate, Chicken wings, Chicken karahi, Chicken Tikka, Reshmi kabab, BBQ platter, Ginger Garlic, Sea Food, Prawn Masala, Mixed Grilled Platter, Chapli kabab and more. The services are super with co-operative staff.

bar b.q tonight clifton

Location: 5/1, Boating Basin, Clifton, block-5 Block 5 Clifton, Karachi
Contact: (021) 111 227 111

3.Xander's Clifton

Xander’s Clifton is a perfect choice for formal gatherings. It offers Continental dishes and cuisines. The ambience is luxurious and modern, with a lavish dining setup. The main items on its menu are beef steak, pepperoni pizza, Moroccan chicken, Alfredo Pasta, Italian dough pasta, Colette Burger, shaved beef and more. The food is outstanding, with excellent services. 

xander's clifton

Location: C32, E St, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi, Karachi City,
Contact: (021) 35293653

4.Cafe Aylanto

It is a mesmerizing restaurant with a luxurious dining setup. Cafe Aylanto is one of the famous restaurants in Clifton. Its ambience is catchy and attractive with a calming vibe, whereas the food is finger-licking. The main items on its menu are Truffle Pasta, Classic Lasagne, Leek and Mushroom Risotto, Aylanto Special Pizza, Garlic Red Snapper, Cordon Bleu, Kalamata Chicken, Flame Grilled Tenderloin and more. The staff is kind and quick with outstanding services. 

cafe aylanto

Location: D 141, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi, Karachi City,
Contact: (021) 35309869

5.Casa Villa

Casa Villa is a place with class. It is a dark-themed restaurant with a pleasing ambience and delicious cuisine. The main items on its menu are Grilled Chicken Sandwiches, Dynamite Prawns, Pink Pepper Steak, Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, Chicken Steak, Chicken Tenders, Santa Fe Chicken, Casa Villa unique fish, Mexican Burgers and more. The food tastes outstanding and fresh, with quick service.

casa villa restaurant

Location: Plot D 74, Clifton Block 4 Of, 26th Street, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi, Karachi City,
Contact: 0300 5972313

6.Alaska Restaurant

Alaska is a pretty place with a unique dining setup. The ambience is stylish with modern furniture. The Alaska Restaurant has an indoor and open-air dining setup. The main items on its menu are Alaska Chullu Kabab, Chicken Sizzling Fajita, Twin steak, Namkeen Tikka, BBQ Spicy Boti, Spacial Green Chicken karahi, Chilli Garlic Prawn, Parmesan Chicken and more. The food is made fresh and tastes divine. Services are outstanding, and the staff is kind. 

alaska restaurant

Location: Bungalow No. F-65, KDA Scheme, 5, Clifton, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi,
Contact: 0331 3331413

7.Cafe Flo

Cafe Flo is in Clifton Karachi, providing a perfect setting atmosphere with delicious oriental, continental and French food. You can try this restaurant for birthdays, parties, dates and meetings. Cafe Flo has a wide range of food deals and menus, and you can find the best meal at Cafe Flo for an affordable price. The main items on its menu are Beef carpaccio, Flo’s classic penned, Cream blure, Tiramisu, and Lamb shank.

cafe flo

Location: d82, one 26th Street, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi, Karachi City,
Contact: (021) 35830018

8.Newbury Cafe

Newbury café is offering a marvellous and toothsome taste of food. The restaurant’s interior is appealing and beautiful, and the services are great. This eatery has a variety of mouth-watering dishes on its menu, including Starters, Taco Bar, Salads, Chicken, Meat, Pasta and Pizza, Seafood, Desserts, Smoothies, and Hot and Cold Beverages.

newbury cafe

Location: F-39-II Block 4، SCH NO 5 Clifton, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh
Contact: (021) 35174212

9.Special Salateen Restaurant

Unique Salateen Restaurant is ideal if you miss home-cooked meals. It’s affordable and has a great location, perfect for family gatherings or dinners with friends. The food is fantastic, and the staff is always happy to help. The main items on its menu are Beef Boti, Mutton Handi, Namkeen seek champ, chicken white karahi, Chicken Sajji, Chapli kabab and more. 

special salateen restaurant

Location: R269+325, Marine Promenade, Block 2 Clifton, Karachi,
Contact: 0300 2849430

10.Ridan Clifton Branch

Ridan Clifton Branch is an enriched place full of Arabic and Turkish cuisines. It has a desi dining set up with succulent food. The ambience is pretty and decent, with quick services. The main items on its menu are Chicken Madbee, Chicken Mandi, Chicken Madfoon, Chicken Madghoot, Grilled Prawn Mandi and more. 


Location: Clifton Star Apartments، AC 1، opposite Bilawal House, Block 2 Clifton, Karachi,
Contact: (021) 35140847


Restaurants in Clifton Karachi offer you the cuisines indulge with a range of national and international dishes. K Say Khao has listed the restaurants in Clifton to pay a visit and eat heavenly meals.

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