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The Best Restaurants in DHA Lahore in 2024

Lahore is a city of food. It has breathtaking sights and traditional culture. It is well known for its exquisite restaurants with the essence of love in its food. Especially, The restaurants in DHA Lahore give a heavenly vibe and tempting food. Food is the only thing you cannot avoid. And when it’s about the food of  Lahore; rich in taste, appealing in presentation, and drowned with calming aroma.

In DHA, Lahore you can have great restaurants with a variety of cuisines and a pretty ambiance to dine out with your family and friends. 

list of top 10 best restaurants in DHA Lahore

1. Cafe Romansu
2. Rina’s Kitchenette
3. Sumo
4. Smokey’s Texas Grill
5. Wasabi DHA
6. Mandarin Kitchen
7. Dil’ara Restaurant
8. Utopian Chinese
9. Cafe Aylanto phase III
10. Kingdom Joint


1. Cafe Romansu

It is an iconic place with chilling vibes. Cafe Romansu is colorful walls and decorated environment release stress. Its appealing food with a finger-licking taste adds a bundle of joy to the soul. Its menu is filled with Asian, national, and international cuisines. The famous food includes Cordon bleu with Moroccan sauce, an Asian burger, a beef steak sandwich, and more. Cafe Romansu is a  pleasing place with trendy designs and food. Make sure to visit and create loving memories. 

cafe romansu

Contact: 0300 1234490
Location: Plot 245, Sector Y DHA Phase 3, Lahore,

2. Rina’s Kitchenette

It is a  refreshing place for casual dinners and Hangouts. Rina’s Kitchenette is a pretty restaurant with busy sights. It has a variety of Asian and international cuisines on its menu. The famous food of the house is Classic Club sandwiches, Mozzarella sticks, Asian beef bao baked chicken pot salads, and more. Its service is quick and understandable.

rina's kitchenette restaurants

Contact: 0304 2220042
Location: St. 15, Sector Y DHA Phase 3, Lahore,

3. Sumo

It is a Japanese restaurant with open kitchen arrangements for its customers to enjoy life cooking from expert chefs. Sumo is a pleasant place with High-Quality Services and food. Its menu is based on Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Asian, and other cuisines. Sumo makes sure to show you the heavenly sight of food with its delightful presentation. Its famous food includes beef hibachi steak, dynamite California roll, Tuna Pizza, Volcano  Maki, and more. Visit there once and its outstanding food will make you keep visiting. 

sumo  lahore restaurant menu

Contact: 03071556693
Location: 23 Z Block Phase 3, DHA, Lahore

4. Smokey’s Texas Grill

An Iconic steakhouse with the best beef steak in Lahore. Smokey’s Texas Grill is a charming place dipped in the aroma of sizzling sauces. It is one of the best steak houses in Lahore. Its famous food includes Cowboy steak, Tomahawk steak, beef burger, al-freedo pasta, and more. visit this place now to enjoy delicious food with a crunchy presentation.

smokey's texas grill lahore restaurant

Contact: (042) 35740090
Location: 162 Y Block, Street 13 , Phase 3, DHA (Behind Potpourri, Sector Y DHA Phase 3, Lahore,

5. Wasabi DHA

Who can forget wasabi while being in Lahore is one of the best restaurants serving ultimate food with finger-licking taste and breathtaking presentation wasabi never fails to impress you with its Chinese cuisine.

wasabi dha lahore

Contact: 0321 3533322
Location: 258 Y Block Commercial, Street 10, Lahore

6. Mandarin Kitchen

Mandarin cuisine is well known for its variety of Asian, Chinese, and Thai food with classical taste. It has never compromised on its quality over time. It is the right choice to dine out with your family as its environment is decent and the ambiance is great. Its famous food is Mongolian beef Korean fried chicken prawn tempura hot and sour soup with Margarita and more it’s menu is attractive and the food is amazing just like the restaurant

mandarin kitchen restaurants

Contact: 04235692969
Location: 23, Z-Block Phase 3, DHA , Lahore

7. Dil’ara Restaurant

It is a pretty restaurant that serves delicious platters. Dilara has a soft theme and peaceful ambiance. Its famous food includes lemon roasted chicken with Basil French apple tart traditional Thali Thai style for noodles tandoori chicken roll and more. It provides dining-in, takeaway, and take-out services for its customers. It gives you joy at reasonable prices.

dil'ara restaurant  Restaurants Lahore

Contact: 0323 1884994
Location: 289 Y St 8, Sector Y DHA Phase 3, Lahore, Punjab

8. Utopian Chinese

 It is an Asian fusion restaurant with finger-licking Chinese food on its menu it serves a bunch of traditional and national food with a Sprinkle of Chinese taste from the quality food to the amazing services everything is great about the restaurant its popular food includes hot and sour soup Egg fried rice chicken drumstick black pepper chicken and more it Delivers original taste with pocket-friendly prices

utopian chinese Restaurants in DHA Lahore

Contact: 0301 7667222
Location: 78-K Commercial, Sector K DHA Phase 1, Lahore

9. Cafe Aylanto phase III

Cafe Aylanto is a pretty place with lavish vibes. It is a contemporary restaurant serving traditional Chinese Thai Japanese Italian and more all the food is cooked by a team of expert chefs and served by mannered trained staff Cafe Aylanto is a perfect choice to dine out with family and friends

cafe aylanto phase DHA Lahore

Contact: 0300 4071111
Location: Z Sector Parking Area، 47, Street 18, Sector Z DHA Phase 3, Lahore,

10. Kingdom Joint

A must-try restaurant with desi vibes in taste. Kingdom Joint is the best shawarma place in Lahore. It serves you infinite happiness at a reasonable price. Kingdom Joint is a small cafe with a wine Ambiance and great services. Its famous food includes regular shawarma and Hummus. Don’t forget to check out its latest deal to avail awesome discounts.

kingdom joint Restaurants in DHA Lahore

Contact: 0301 9088133
Location:16, AA Block Commercial Market, Sector AA DHA Phase 4, Lahore 


Restaurants in DHA Lahore an elite places. It has many classical and iconic restaurants with amazing ambiance and great service. You can have various types of food and drinks in DHA Lahore restaurants. These restaurants turn out to be a perfect choice for hangouts and parties with families and friends, don’t forget to try and enjoy an outstanding experience. Read More Restaurants in Gulberg Lahore