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 Restaurants in North Nazimabad Karachi

Wan to know about only the top-rated restaurants in North Nazimabad in 2024 rather than finding them from a big number list of restaurants in Karachi. KsayKhao expert team has created a North Nazimabad restaurant list containing the top 10 dining establishments that will tantalize your taste buds.
This area of Karachi, North Nazimabad, is called to be a paradise for food lovers, offering a diverse range of spicy, desi, international, and sweet dishes for every craving.
This area has it all. Please have a look, choose from it and enjoy your plate!

Top 10 Dining Restaurants in North Nazimabad in 2024

Discover your new favourite dining spot today with a curated list of the top 10 dining restaurants.

1. Roadhouse Kitchen
2. Haveli Kebab & Grill
3. Ginsoy
4. Pinkvilla
5. Nando’s Nazimabad
6. Bam-Bou
7. Oriental Shinwari
8. Maharaja Restaurant
9. Zameer Ansari
10. Naan Stop Rooftop

1. Roadhouse Kitchen

If you’re a steak lover, don’t miss this hidden gem called RoadHouse Kitchen in North Nazimabad, Karachi. The inviting ambience includes a special photography area for sharing your dining experience online. Don’t judge this restaurant by its appearance; it has fantastic steaks and burgers in perfect quantity for sharing. Their menu also includes sandwiches, paninis, and juices.

roadhouse kitchen
Rating: 4.3
Address: Shop #2, D-15, Block-C, North Nazimabad, near Dolmen Mall Hyderi

2. Haveli Kebab & Grill

Haveli Kebab & Grill is a must-visit for those craving desi Pakistani flavours in North Nazimabad.
This restaurant is famous for mouthwatering kebabs and curries prepared with fresh ingredients and a blend of spices with a cultural dining aesthetic.
This is for you whether you prefer chicken, lamb, or vegetarian dishes. You will also find Chinese and Turkish dishes options.
It’s a popular choice among north Nazimabad restaurants.

haveli kabab & grill

Rating: 4
Address: B 117 Shahrah-e-Jahangir Road, Block H North Nazimabad Town

3. Ginsoy

Ginsoy – Hyderi Branch is a famous Chinese restaurant located in North Nazimabad with vibrant seating and a good dining experience.
Their menu featuring authentic tastes of Chinese dishes, Ginsoy has earned a loyal following.
Whether you want to dine in, takeaway, or want delivery service, you have all the options. Their flavorful soups, noodles, and main courses are sure to impress.

Rating: 4.3
Address: C-17 Block D Shahrah Jahangir Road North Nazimabad

4. Pinkvilla

Pinkvilla is a top-rated restaurant with a remarkable rating of 4.7 based on 200 reviews. It’s a perfect place for food and picture lovers as they have diverse, delicious menus and beautiful decor to click memorable pictures.
Pinkvilla’s ambience, exceptional service, and high-quality food are unmatchable. Their standout dishes include tarragon steak, chicken chowmein, and alfredo pasta, with a 10/10 rating. The attentive staff ensures a pleasant dining atmosphere, making Pinkvilla a beloved choice in North Nazimabad.


Rating: 4.7
Address: B 76, Block L North Nazimabad Town

5. Nando’s Nazimabad

Nando’s Nazimabad branch is the perfect option for flame-grilled chicken lovers. This long-standing local favourite restaurant offers a cosy atmosphere with a small waiting area.
Despite its size, its service is top-class. Its signature dish is peri-peri chicken, a superhit among regulars, and the peri-peri nibbles are highly recommended.
Whether you’re a fan of classic chicken or something spicier, Nando’s never disappoints.
Their closing time is 1 am, so it’s perfect for late-night dining.

nando’s nazimabad

Rating: 4.2
Address: Plot D 11, Block D North Nazimabad Town

6. Bam-Bou

Another Chinese restaurant in North Nazimabad has a diverse menu with all dine-in, takeaway, and delivery service options.
Customer reviews about Bam-Bou underline that they have excellent ambience and food quality.
But their over-spiced noodles are only for spicy lovers, and some reviews highlight they deliver average food quality and service gap.
Despite mixed reviews, Bam-Bou continues attracting people with its extensive menu, open seating, and inviting dining environment.

bam bou

Rating: 4
Address: D 6/1, Block D North Nazimabad Town

7. Oriental Shinwari

One of the best restaurants in north Nazimabad is the Oriental Shinwari, which specializes in Shinwari cuisine with a high rating and quality dining experience.
They do have fast food options, soft drinks and pocket-friendly deals too. There is an ongoing 20% discount on main courses only for Faisal bank card holders.
Don’t miss this good deal!

oriental shinwariRating: 4.7
Address: Pakistan Rangers Officers Club at, Block B North Nazimabad Town

8.Maharaja Restaurant

Maharaja Restaurant is famous for its Turkish and Afghani dishes. You can experience pleasant dining, warm ambience and accommodating staff.
This eatery is perfect for both casual meals and special occasions. Customers’ favourite dishes include Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, Makhani Handi, Shahi Beef Kabab, and chicken dishes.
Maharaja Restaurant provides dine-in and takeaway services, ensuring you can savour its flavours in your preferred setting.

maharaja restaurant

Rating: 4
Address: Block B North Nazimabad Town

9.Zameer Ansari

Zameer Ansari is a barbecue haven in North Nazimabad Chapter Restaurant.
Their Bihari boti, chicken karahi, and tikka are highly recommended. The restaurant offers all three services: dine-in, takeaway, and delivery, so you can enjoy food wherever you choose.

zameer ansari

Rating: 4
Address: 5th Floor, D 1 1st Street, Block D North Nazimabad Town

10. Naan Stop Rooftop

Naan Stop Rooftop is renowned for its diverse menu, including its famous nan pizza, which customers recommend.
The restaurant provides a comfortable dine-in experience and offers curbside pickup for those who prefer enjoying their meal at home. It’s a popular choice for people.

naan stop rooftop

Rating: 4.1
Address: B 115, Block H North Nazimabad Town


Our North Nazimabad restaurant list 2024 contains the top 10 dining restaurants in this Karachi neighbourhood.
Each place presented a unique dining journey from the steak expert and hidden gem RoadHouse Kitchen to the cultural delight of Haveli Kebab & Grill with its mouthwatering kebabs.
Whether you enjoy Chinese delights at Ginsoy or are attracted towards the décor and flavorful feast at Pinkvilla, restaurants in North Nazimabad deliver exceptional experiences.
Nando’s Nazimabad satisfied flame-grilled chicken cravings, while Bam-Bou is another great choice for Chinese dishes.
Maharaja, Oriental Shinwari, Zameer Ansari, and Naan Stop Rooftop added their distinct flavours to the mix.
North Nazimabad is a paradise for food lovers, offering diverse and delectable dishes for every craving!

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