restaurants in Peshawar


Peshawar is a city famous for its extensive selection of delicious restaurants and its rich food tradition. Restaurants in Peshawar serve a wide variety of delectable foods, from traditional Pashtun food to foreign flavors, to satisfy any taste. The eateries in Peshawar are likely to satisfy your need for juicy kebabs, flavorful biryanis, or fragrant cuisines.

Step into the welcoming atmosphere of restaurants in Peshawar to discover a blend of classic charm and modern refinement. Peshawar’s restaurant scene provides a great variety of tastes and sensations, from lively street food stands providing sizzling samosas and pakoras to beautiful fine dining restaurants showing the finest of Pashtun hospitality. Be ready to go on a culinary trip that will tantalize your palette and introduce you to the rich gastronomy culture of Peshawar whether you’re a native or a visitor to the city.


  1. Chief Burgers Restaurant
  2. Nisar Charsi Tikka
  3. Pearl Continental Peshawar
  4. Ginyaki Peshawar
  5. Hujra Restaurant
  6. Habibi
  7. Café Crunch
  8. Celeste
  9. Jalil Kabab House
  10. Shelton’s Rezidor


For more than 20 years, Chief Burgers a Peshawar’s best restaurant, has been tempting taste buds with its delicious burgers that are filled with meat and ooze cheese. Chief Burgers has established itself as a go-to spot for burger enthusiasts looking for a great culinary experience in the center of the city due to its dedication to quality and flavor.It is famous for its beef kebabs, which are a must-taste with Monte-Carlo’s. You can’t go wrong with them, and they go perfectly with afternoon tea or in a sandwich.

Chief Burgers



Peshawar best restaurant called Charsi Tikka is well-known for its mouthwatering meat dishes. They deliver the greatest Charsi tikka in town thanks to their skilled chefs and top-quality ingredients. International visitors come to sample the delectable beef and mutton dishes.Fresh meat is hanging outside the store. The fact that everything is freshly prepared in front of you makes the restaurant the most genuine and greatest portion.

Nisar Charsi Tikka


In Peshawar, there is a well-known hotel called “the PC,” or the Pearl Continental Hotel. It features two top-notch restaurants that are superior to other dining options in the city. These eateries offer excellent service and wonderful meals from many cultures.The Tai Pan restaurant offers some of the greatest Chinese cuisine in the area in a pleasant setting with traditional Chinese design elements and For those seeking top-notch continental cuisine, the Marco Polo restaurant is a fantastic option.

Pearl Continental Peshawar


A recent establishment in Peshawar called Ginyaki has become well-liked in Islamabad. It provides a unique meal in the form of a bowl, something new for Pakistan. Ginyaki Peshawar serves a variety of appetizers such as spring rolls, BBQ wings, dynamite prawns, and stuffed chilies in a lively and upbeat environment. The economy bowl comes with your choice of a side dish—chicken, beef, or fish—and is served with rice or chow Mein on the main menu. The dish is served fresh.

Ginyaki Peshawar


Peshawar’s Hujra Restaurant is famous for its unique food. It is a must-visit for everyone who’s hoping to enjoy genuine flavors and hospitality in Peshawar, with a menu containing traditional KPK foods. With its beautiful landscaping and stunning views, this restaurant is a favorite among residents and one of the best places to visit in Peshawar. Without a doubt, you’ll enjoy your time here. The most popular dishes are the Hujra Platter, Dumba Karahi, Dumba Tikka, Roast, Dumba BBQ, and Dum Pukht Mutton.

Hujra Restaurant


With its wide selection of delectable grilled meats, Habibi in Peshawar has become a favorite stop for barbecue lovers. The tantalizing combination of kabli pulao, luscious malai tikka, and tasty chicken and beef kebabs in the Habibi Special Bar-B-Q Menu is a standout.Every meal at the restaurant shows the restaurant’s diligent attention and dedication to quality, making it a favorite among tourists as well as locals.



Café Crunch invites visitors to enjoy a variety of delicious alternatives in a warm and welcoming environment. There is a lot to satisfy every pallet, including filling sandwiches and wraps, flavorful snacks, and refreshing beverages. The excellence and presentation of each meal reflect Sadia Bilour’s and her team’s commitment to development and creativity. Café Crunch provides a great experience that keeps guests coming back for more, whether they’re seeking a fast lunch or a leisurely afternoon tea.

cafe crunch


The unique and energetic restaurant Celeste in Peshawar sets apart for using the greatest flavors from seven different world cuisines. The guests are given the opportunity to enjoy a magnificent culinary journey of flavors under one roof, with selections ranging from Italian to Mongolian, Thai to Mughlai, Lebanese to Japanese, and Mexican.Celeste offers more than just delectable food; it also has a welcoming ambiance that is perfect for a special meal with friends and family.



Peshawar’s Jalil Kabab House is the best restaurant in Peshawar for its mouthwatering kababs that are made with traditional flavors and skilled grilling methods. The restaurant has a tantalizing menu with a range of kababs that are sure to fulfill any meat lover’s needs. It also has a great culinary impact and a commitment to excellence. Each bite of these juicy seekh kababs and soft boti kababs is overflowing with smokey and spicy flavors.

Jalil Kabab House


A magnificent and pleasant stay is provided by Shelton’s Rezidor, a renowned hotel in Peshawar, for both business and leisure travelers. The rooms are nicely furnished with modern conveniences to provide a comfortable stay. Additionally, Shelton’s Rezidor offers a variety of eating alternatives with delectable and varied food to suit any taste.Shelton’s Rezidor aims to provide unique experiences for all of its visitors, from warm hospitality to outstanding service, making it a popular option for tourists visiting Peshawar.

Shelton’s Rezidor


In conclusion, Peshawar has a wide variety of dining establishments that will satisfy a wide range of tastes and preferences. Peshawar has something for everyone, from local dishes to global flavors. The city is home to popular eateries that have become well-known for their tasty food, inviting atmosphere, and first-rate service. Whether you’re in the mood for delicious barbecues, or genuine Pakistani food, restaurants in Peshawar guarantee a pleasurable dining experience. These restaurants genuinely highlight the culinary gems of Peshawar with their rich flavors, elegant service, and unique cultural accents. Read More: List of Top 10 Restaurants in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Written  by Kashish Chowdhry