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The 10 Best Sindhi Muslim Society Restaurants in Karachi in 2024

Looking for a tasty meal at restaurants in Sindhi Muslim Society, Karachi?

In 2024, this neighborhood gained much popularity for its restaurants and became a food lover’s dream spot.

Whether you crave local or international dishes, the restaurants at Sindhi Muslim have something for everyone.

This blog will introduce you to the top 10 restaurants people adore at Sindhi Muslim and are perfect for a delicious meal in Karachi.

Let’s discover the places that have won the hearts and taste buds of the community, making them must-visit spots for food lovers in the city.

Top 10 Sindhi Muslim Society Restaurants

Discover the top 10 best places to eat in Sindhi Muslim Society, where you can savour both traditional and international dishes in Karachi.

  1. Ginsoy
  2. Sizzlerz Cafe And Grill
  3. Del Frio
  4. Nandos
  5. Koffee Chalet
  6. Bam-Bou Restaurant
  7. Bundoo Khan
  8. The Kababist
  9. Broadway Pizza
  10. Foods Inn


Ginsoy is the go-to Chinese restaurant with many branches in every city of Pakistan.

It’s also located in Sindhi Muslim Society with its inviting ambiance. This spot offers a range of classic Chinese dishes, from dynamite shrimp to Mongolian beef.

Ginsoy was born to introduce high-quality Chinese flavors to the people of Pakistan, specific to the local palate.

They’ve ensured that everyone can savour the authentic taste of Chinese cuisine, a popular destination for Asian fusion delights.


Address: 122-A Malik Heights, SMCHS, Karachi.

2.Sizzlerz Cafe And Grill

Step into the spacious and elegant Sizzlerz Cafe and Grill, where you’ll find a menu filled with mouthwatering beef steaks, pasta, and all fast-food variety.

Currently, you can avail their special World Cup deals. Also, you can benefit from their online order and home delivery service and get exciting discounts.

It’s the perfect spot to satisfy your cravings for sizzling steaks.

sizzlerz cafe and grill

Address: Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society Block A (SMCHS)

3.Del Frio

As winter approaches Karachi, Del Frio is the perfect spot to enjoy a hot cup of coffee paired with a freshly baked cookie.

This modern cafe and restaurant takes inspiration from chocolatiers, offering a must-try chocolate cake.

Del Frio’s menu is diverse, featuring sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, salads, and a delightful range of desserts, including cakes and ice cream.

Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast, brunch, or dessert, then you must visit.

They are committed to using fresh, high-quality ingredients for a satisfying dining experience.

del frio

Address: 103 A, Al Zaiby Arcade, SMCH Society Block A


Originating from South Africa, Nando’s is renowned for its Portuguese-style chicken dishes marinated in various peri-peri sauces.

Nando’s is the go-to destination for an unmatched Peri Peri chicken experience in Karachi.

Get ready to savour the flavors of peri-peri chicken and a lot like never before!


Address: Plot 8, Block A, Sub Block D, Sindhi Muslim Society Ghulam Ali Memon Road.

5.Koffee Chalet

In Sindhi Muslim Society, Koffee Chalet presents classic dishes, taking old-school bangers, juicy steaks, and mash to new heights.

While it’s not only popular in SMCH society, it has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the city’s top spots.

The cozy ambiance and delicious offerings have established Koffee Chalet’s status as one of the most beloved spots for yummy foods in Sindhi Muslim area.

coffee chalet

Address: 102 Captain Fareed Bukhari Shaheed Road, Sindhi Muslim Society Block A

6.Bam-Bou Restaurant

The bam-Bou restaurant has an eye-catching décor and a modern Chinese interior with an extensive menu of Chinese dishes.

From tasty dishes to delightful starters, refreshing salads, soups, seafood, a variety of mocktails, and desserts, Bam-Bou has something to satisfy every palate.

This restaurant stands out among Chinese eateries due to its atmosphere and delicious food, making it a top choice for Chinese food lovers.

bam bou restaurant

Address: Plot A, Sabah Arcade, near Allah wala, Block A Sindhi Muslim Society

7.Bundoo Khan

Bundoo Khan offers great flavors at affordable prices and, with a humble ambiance, stands as the sole barbecue joint in Sindhi Muslim.

It Dominates the food scene with its tandoor, attracting food enthusiasts with the tantalizing scent of fresh tikka, tender seekh kebabs, and Bihari botis.

While its specialty remains barbecue, Bundoo Khan has recently expanded into the world of fast food, making it a must-visit spot in the area.

bundu khan

Address: Captain Fareed Bukhari Shaheed Road, Sindhi Muslim ociety Block A

8.The Kababist

The Kababist has been serving delicious food with a legacy of over 77 years since its beginning in Quetta as “Café Tehran” before Partition in August 1945.

This family tradition has continued, introducing Afghani-style family dining among other Sindhi Muslim restaurants in Karachi that has been replicated by many.

The dining experience at The Kababist offers a journey through the decades while welcoming both tradition and modernity.

the kababist

Address: Shahrah-e-Faisal Road, Sindhi Muslim Society Block A

9.Broadway Pizza

The popular pizza chain across the country has a wide range of toppings, crust filling options, and specialty pizzas, which are specific to all pizza lovers.

They are committed to using quality ingredients, and prompt delivery service makes them a go-to choice for pizza enthusiasts in various locations.

broadway pizza

Address: Captain Fareed Bukhari Shaheed Road, Sindhi Muslim Society Block A

10.Foods Inn

Foods Inn offers an incredible array of food choices in Karachi, providing easy online order and delivery experience.

They specialize in starters, offering various fast-food items, kid’s meals, Chinese dishes, BBQ, and even some desi food options.

Foods In is the place to explore a diverse range of delectable cuisines.

foods Inn

Address: Plot # 21-22, Allama I. I. Qazi Chowk, Block A Sindhi Muslim Society


These top 10 restaurants in the Sindhi Muslim Society have become local favorites.

From Bundoo Khan’s mouthwatering tandoor aromas to Ginsoy’s delightful Chinese dishes, these spots offer a variety of culinary delights.

Del Frio’s desserts, Nando’s peri-peri chicken, and Koffee Chalet’s cozy ambiance add to the charm.

Bam-Bou Restaurant brings a modern Chinese experience, while The Kababist offers a taste of the past.

Broadway Pizza and Foods Inn cater to various cravings, ensuring something for everyone.

These restaurants have established their top dining choices in SMCHS, Karachi.

Enjoy yummy food in Sindhi Muslim Society.

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