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Seafood Restaurants in Karachi

1. Rashid Seafood

Rashid Food is regarded as the greatest restaurant for providing customers with delectable seafood. They are currently Kemari’s oldest seafood restaurant. They offer a variety of alternatives and selections for prawn, fish, and crab dishes. They also have home delivery in Karachi to cheer with your family.

rashid sea food in karachi

2. Seafood Restaurant

A restaurant that specialized in seafood meals like fish and shellfish is known as a seafood restaurant. Freshwater fish may be served in dishes. The idea may center on how fresh fish is prepared and served (as opposed to frozen products).

sea food restaurant in karachi

3. Casbah Beach Luxury Hotel

Seafood is the specialty of Casbah, an outdoor restaurant that overlooks the creek, the mangroves, and the hotel’s palm-lined garden. Their ambience is for all it’s worth, other than that their food is also exceptional and made with the top quality ingredients available. Casbah prioritizes their customers and guarantees quick and timely service along with clean and hygienic food.

casbah beach luxury hotel in karachi

4. Kolachi Restaurant

Located along the sea coast of the Arabian sea with an elegant ambience which is enough to make your experience worthwhile as you enjoy your food in the open atmosphere with cool breeze blowing. They serve freshly caught seafood which enhances the taste of it.

kolachi restaurant in karachi

5. Qalandri Fish Point

This is the best seafood point serving you fish cooked in a traditional way which is rich in flavor and gives you a once in a lifetime experience. Qalandri fish point offers great ambience along with quality which makes your visit memorable.

qalandri fish point in karachi

6. Casa Rouge

Casa Rouge provides a relaxed, family-friendly environment where you may spend time with both friends and family. And “this place is the best hangout in Islamabad for spending quality time with family and friends, not just because of the food, but also because of the amazing environment. The eatery serves delicious food, including thin-crust pizzas, pastas, steaks, sandwiches, and a variety of seafood dishes.

casa rouge restaurant

7. Biryani of The Seas

In Clifton Karachi, there is a well-known seafood restaurant called Biryani of the Seas. They enjoy fantastic food with outstanding service and ambiance. High-quality ingredients are used in the Pakistani, Italian, Chinese, Thai, and Pakistani dishes on the menu. Prawn biryani, Dhaka Fish, Fish Broast, Bar-b-queue fish, and crab are some of their hallmark dishes. Both the quality and amount of the cuisine are excellent. The cost of the cuisine is really reasonable.

8. Mukhtiar King Fish 

Their former location is in the historic Wazirabad city at Rail Bazar. They have expanded to be larger than the parent shop as a result of their placement on the main highway (GT Road).In Wazirabad, Mukhtar King Fish is one of the top-rated hotels. Fish & Chips Shop and Chicken Wings in Wazirabad.

mukhtiar king fish restaurants

9. Sardaryab Fish Hut

Sardaryab fish hut is one of the top ranked seafood restaurant. In Nowshera Sardaryab Fish and Taru Kabab is famous by Fish & chips restaurant.

sardaryab fish hut in restaurants

10. Sajjad Restaurant Dodarya

A must-visit location for Karachi residents is Sajjad Restaurant. You can use it to celebrate your forthcoming events by personalizing your decor with the help of our event manager. For your birthday celebration, your wedding, or your business meeting, our chalets can be decorated however you like! It’s the ideal dining establishment with excellent food and atmosphere. Waves crashing against the cliffs as you sit at the chalet right next to the ocean and have a fantastic meal. In keeping with Sajjad’s commitment to its clients, we also provide culinary services right at your doorstep which will ensure your event succeed like never before.

sajjad restaurant dodarya in karachi

Written  by Urooj Fatima