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Best Street Food Restaurants in Lahore 2024

The only food that makes “Lahore Lahore aye” Lahore is called the city of food. It has the best restaurants and food streets serving meals with original taste. Lahore is a place worth visiting.People from other countries especially stay in Lahore for its old, magnificent architecture and yummiest mouth-watering food. Lahore is famous for its delicious street food with reasonable prices.From natives to burgers, everyone walks through them and can’t get out without enjoying their delectable food and appealing aroma. The best food streets in Lahore are always ready to serve you.

1. M.M Alam Road Lahore

MM Alam road is a centre for eating and shopping. From elite brands to sumptuous cuisines, everything is found there. This food street is best for fulfilling all cravings. From day to night, it is always bursting with people. It starts from Gulberg Main market to Firdous Market.MM Alam road contains the best eatery places in Lahore. It looks fascinating at night. Poppy lights and soft music mixed with laughter and smiles make it look like a lively place. There are various Thai, Chinese, Italian, Continental, Japanese and Traditional restaurants with beautiful sights and tasty foods.

mm alam road lahore



  1. Cafe Aylanto
  2. Spice Bazar
  3. Howdy Rooftop
  4. Qabail Tribe 
  5. Salt n pepper

2. Lahore Fort Food Street

It is a significant tourist attraction that was renovated a decade ago. It exists between fort road and the Roshni gate of the walled city of Lahore. This food street is the heart of Lahore. It has a mesmerizing aroma of food and dazzling sights of the great Badshahi Mosque. The road is full of food carts and restaurants, increasing its beauty.It is a historical place with old enchanting buildings shining with lights being a perfect photography spot. The street is always full of people’s chatter and music. Chai, Gulab Jamun, kachori, BBQ, everything is freshly made available there.

lahore food street



Famous Restaurants:

  1. Haveli Restaurant 
  2. Andaaz Restaurant
  3. Coco’s Den cafe 
  4. Sweet Tooth 
  5. The Poet Boutique Restaurant

3. GawalMandi Food Street Lahore

It is one of the historical food streets running since partition times. This food street gives a vibe of the old Mughal era. Ancient buildings, deep architecture and desi cuisines look like Mughal feast.GawalMandi is everyone’s favourite point before going home. It has a variety of snacks and drinks to make your mood.Feeqay ki lassi, Haji Sardar Fish, and Amritsari Hareesa are always on top to eat there. Furthermore, all dishes are cooked with a sprinkle of regional taste and expert team.

gawalmandi food street

Famous Restaurants 

  1. Butt Karahi
  2. Lahore Biryani Center
  3. Bismillah Dahi Bhalay
  4. Lassani Burger
  5. Haji Bashir Restaurant

4. Old Anarkali Food Street

It is one of the prettiest food streets in Lahore. Anarkali Road is located at Bazar civil lines, later named Anarkali Bazar, across mall road. Anarkali street food is rich in cultural taste and presentation. This food street serves a taste of heaven in the middle of the night. Old Anarkali food street is full of unique cuisines, including BBQ, Grilled, Fried, sweets, drinks and many more with finger-licking tastes. It is a tourist hub for snapping, shopping and eating. It’s always bright as day at night. It is full of people, chatting noise, and dazzling sunset, but worth it all. 

old anarkali food street

Famous Restaurants 

  1. Saleem butt mutton channy 
  2. Yasir Broast Food Street Old Anarkali
  3. Paradise Tikka Shop
  4. Eat & Sip
  5. Pakasia Restaurant

5.Lakshmi Chowk Food Street

Lakshmi chowk is one of the vibrant places for foodies. It has a range of desi food with original taste. It exists at Nisbat Road, Montgomery Park, Qila Gujjar Singh.Lakshmi chowk is complete with street food carts and takeaway restaurants.The tasty food includes Hareesa, Halwa Puri, Lahori Chargha, Tawa chicken Chapli kebabs, and freshly squeezed juices.

lakshmi chowk food street

Famous Restaurants 

  1. Nisbat Gol Gappay
  2. Sheefa Taka Tak
  3. Nishat Café
  4.  Butt Karahi
  5. Kashmiri Daal Chawal

6. Gulberg Mini Market​

It is a captivating market filled with food. Traditional to International, all kinds of food await you there. Gulberg is a central location to pass by, and no one can resist its juicy food. It is a mini market roundabout, Gulberg.This food street contains rich food at a reasonable price. It has many famous restaurants in Lahore for hangouts and get-togethers. Coffee, shake, drink, smoothie, sushi, pasta, pizza, burger and many more on your wishlist are there. The teamwork, pretty sights, rooftops, and expert chefs have made this place a paradise of food.

gulberg mini market


Famous Restaurants 

  1. The Brasserie
  2. Urban Kitchen
  3. Rina’s Kitchenette
  4. Tuscany Courtyard
  5. Wasabi Gulberg

Food can never ditch you. Food, especially street food, always cheers you up on happy or sad days. Only some of the world’s famous food streets exist in Lahore. No one can escape without drowning in the essence of the best street food in Lahore. They serve you first-class food with beautiful views and music to make your day.Shah Alami, Mazang Chowk and Ford Food Street are also categorized under food street Lahore restaurants. So what are you waiting for? Strike to one of the best food streets in Lahore.